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ZEV Tech Glock pistols are available from the largest stocking dealer in the United States, Omaha Outdoors. We're an authorized dealer and distributor and whether you're an end-user or gun dealer, we can help. ZEV Tech recently acquired Mega Arms and the merger will allow both companies to create higher quality and more attractive firearms and components. Whether it's their Fulcrum trigger or their attractive slide designs, you've come to know ZEV as a force to be reckoned with in the Glock world. We don't know exactly what will come next from their company, but with ZEV's Glock experience and Mega's AR15 and AR10 experience, good things are certainly on the horizon.

ZEV: Building Blocks for Great Glocks

Of course, dropping a ZEV slide on your Glock is one way to say you've arrived. Machined in the USA and offering attractive slide designs and optics mounting options, ZEV Glock slides give you practical design changes in addition to cool looking ones. With added slide serrations on the front and even the top of the slide, you'll be able to rack your ZEV-enhanced Glock off just about anything. Windows on models like the Dragonfly, Prizefighter, and Spartan remove weight while maintaining structural integrity, plus they offer excellent gripping surfaces, too, making them ideal for competition use. The Dragonfly is the most popular and it's available for the 17, 19, and 34, while its derivative the Prizefighter is for the 17 and 34 only. Fully enclosed HEX models are ready for duty use and available for the 17 and 19 alongside the small window Spartan. Finally, there's the Gunfighter slide exclusive to the single stack 9mm Glock 43.

We'd be remiss to have a discussion of ZEV without talking about their proprietary frame modifications, including the silicon carbide grip mod that will make the frame stick to your hand like glue and the stippled version for those who want to carry inside the waistband. ZEV Tech double trigger guard undercuts come on all frames and allow a more comfortable hold on the pistol, especially during long range sessions or training courses. A reduced backstrap allows a better grip for more hand sizes, and you can have your Gen 3 or Gen 4 Glock thrown back to Gen 1/Gen 2 style with the removal of the finger grooves, or just have them cut down a little bit so they aren't quite as dictatorial regarding finger placement.

ZEV AR15? A Distinct Possibility

ZEV has chosen to dip their toes in the AR15 pool with the ZEV Technologies SSR Trigger. Not to be confused with any other trigger, the SSR comes in a brilliant shade of something like copper or bronze that's the result of a PVD TiCN (Physical Vapor Deposition Titanium Carbo-Nitride) coating. It's adjustable for engagement, pre-travel, and reset, and each of these adjustments is under detent retention to prevent changes or failure over time caused by repeated shocks such as those encountered during rapid fire. If you weren't sure if an AR trigger from a Glock custom shop was right for you, keep in mind that Primary Weapons Systems, a highly regarded AR manufacturer, uses the ZEV SSR in all their new rifles.

While we don't have any information about future ZEV products including a ZEV AR15 just yet, we wouldn't be surprised if ZEV and Mega came up with something pretty unique in the near future.

ZEV: Little Parts, Big Impact

ZEV Tech skeletonized strikers reduce weight significantly while also adding a polished surface that reduces lock time, making you shoot faster. This is especially useful for competition shooters. Available in both small and large frames, they're also included in all Ultimate Fulcrum trigger kits.

If you want to reload faster, check out ZEV PRO and PRO Plus magwells. A universal design for both Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks, they're made of lightweight aluminum and hard anodized in a variety of colors, plus we can cerakote them to match your pistol. The PRO Plus is meant for competition while minimizing overall bulk, and the PRO is a magwell that you could put on a Glock used for every day carry.

Speaking of EDC, ZEV makes a CCW mag release for everyday carry that retains factory dimensions so you won't accidentally drop the mag when you don't want to. What the CCW mag release does is reduce the amount of pressure required to drop the mag, making it far easier for you to change mags when you do want to swap them out. ZEV also makes extended releases in black or silver for all generations of Glock pistol that are more useful for competition or exhibition shooters.

While ZEV is well known for their full custom Glock builds, their Fulcrum trigger is also a very popular upgrade or modification for many Glock pistols. The Fulcrum is available in adjustable (for competition) and Pro (non-adjustable, ideal for law enforcement use) versions, improving finger position on the trigger as well as reduced pre- and over-travel for a shorter pull and faster reset. It's available in black with a black trigger safety or with an optional red trigger safety, plus the Omaha Outdoors exclusive black trigger with gold safety.

ZEV base pads are a great option for the competition shooter, police officer, or homeowner looking for more rounds between reloads. Anodized aluminum, they add +5 rounds for 9mm and +4 for 40 S&W. They're available in anodized gray, black, and red, along with cerakoted burnt bronze, spartan bronze, satin aluminum, OD green, and FDE. There's a model for the factory Glock mag as well as one for the popular Magpul GL9 mags. Finally, there's the Omaha Outdoors exclusive gray.

The barrel is the heart of any pistol, and ZEV makes some really nice barrels. Available in TiN (gold), DLC (black), Stainless (silver), or Bronze (duh), you won't be short of color options with a ZEV barrel. For threaded models, the thread pattern is ½ x 28 and all barrels are cut rifled and made of 416R barrel steel with a proprietary twist rate. TiN is not offered directly by ZEV Technologies, but Omaha Outdoors takes it a step further and offers polished ZEV TiN barrels. The dimpled fluting and barrel hood are polished.

ZEV Glock Pistols for Those Who Don't Mess Around

What do you get when you take all those ZEV Tech parts, modifications, and know-how and put them into one pistol? Awesomeness, that's what. A complete ZEV Tech handgun will combine killer styling, a crisp light trigger, increased grip, and the option of optics compatibility and various frame and slide colors and finishes.



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