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Shooting sports and outdoor life are both an integral part of life as an American man. When you are looking for a good firearm, you might turn to an American company as your top choice, as they tend to manufacture goods to a higher quality standard. Similarly, you’ll often get your other outdoor tools from a qualified American company as well, knowing that you are supporting the red, white, and blue while enjoying your outdoor activities. Though American manufactures are often respected for their firearm design, when it comes to optical technology you will often see that foreign manufacturers have some of the best variety of the market. As a prime example of this, Zeiss tends to perform just a cut above the rest.

At Omaha Outdoors, we always respect good American craftsmanship, but we also understand that companies like Zeiss have plenty to offer. Knowing this, we keep a wide variety of Zeiss optical products in stock and ready to ship. This helps ensure we are able to provide for some of the fastest shipping times in the industry today and allows you access to a broad selection of products you can order from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about Zeiss or their many products, please pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Otherwise, take advantage of our handy sorting features below and place your order with confidence.

The Best Optical Quality With a Long History

Carl Zeiss worked off the belief that those who want to experience nature should always look to take inspiration in it. Using this belief and enthusiasm for nature and combining it with his knowledge as an optician, Zeiss began his company back in 1846 to support the outdoor life. Though Carl has long since passed on the reins of running his company, Carl Zeiss AG continues working in his tradition, led by a constant desire to innovate and adapt to new technologies and develop the best products in the industry today. Whether you are interested in outdoor exploration, hunting, or just simple nature watching, they are sure to have just what you need.

Riflescopes and Hunting Optics

Though some manufactures look to oversaturate the market with a huge selection of different hunting scopes, Zeiss understands that a few well-designed options will help to fit everyone’s needs. They offer a few different designs in this category, all focused on a different type of rifle shooter. Developed as a prime example of Zeiss’s innovative design strategies, their TERRA 3X scope is one of the first ones you might consider. It is built using bright, clear options with an MC-anti reflective coating for performance in low light conditions and a crisp, clear image. Using an advanced reticle and offering ¼ MOA adjustments, it allows for the precision accuracy you need.

If you want something built for more low light applications, the Victory HT (high transmission) offers 95% or greater light transmission. As a result, you can see clearly even as it approaching dusk, allowing you to stay on your target up to the last minute. Offering the same clear image you would expect from any Zeiss offering, it provides an elegant option for anyone to consider in the field. Alternatively, those looking to get the most zoom available today might consider the Conquest HD5, which uses a 5x zoom for the ultimate field of vision. Its 2nd image plane reticle is non-magnifying, giving the perfect contrast and allowing you to stay perfectly on target.

If you are looking for a reflex sight instead, they also make a couple different Victory configurations that offer a more compact red dot design. The Victory Compact Point is one of their most popular options. It uses a LotuTec coating ensuring great visibility, even in rain or snow. With a battery-powered red dot, it will give you the performance you need in the field and allow for quick target observation.

Other Essential Hunting Optics to Consider

Beyond their riflescopes, Zeiss also develops some other essential components that you will want to take around on your hunting trip. Their Victory NV Night Vision Device uses an advanced intensifier tube, which helps to enhance the optical quality and provide a clear nighttime image. It comes with a multilayer LotuTec coating and helps to ensure you get clear, unclouded vision in the field. Since it offers manual brightness adjustments and is built with a solid and durable construction, it ensures you can go out into the field without worrying about the life of your device. If you want a daytime spotting scope instead, the award-winning Victory DiaScope Spotting Scope is a great option to consider.

Optical Equipment for Nature Observation

Those who are just looking for something to use for their nature observation habits might instead consider one of the various binoculars built specifically for this purpose. Their Victory series is offered in a variety of configurations, allowing you to easily find the right size and shape to fit your need. The classic Victory SF model allows for great focusing features and a crisp image while the Victory HT behaves like the hunting scope, allowing you to get more light transmission for greater performance as dusk approaches. If you need something that will fit into your pocket, you may not see quite as far with the Victory Compact Binoculars, but they will definitely provide the clarity you need.

TERRA Optics Developed for the Sporting Lifestyle

One of their latest creations, the TERRA series of binoculars was designed to help ensure that the modern outdoor enthusiast could get the absolute best in performance. It comes standard with 8x magnification and is offered in both a full-sized and compact version to ensure anyone can get the right version fit for their needs. To help provide a more unique personality, it also allows users to choose from a variety of body finishes, which gives you plenty of choices in the field today.

Find Zeiss for Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Whatever your outdoor activity might be, Zeiss develops great products to make sure you can see clearly. Of course, if you want to get your hands on these products, you need to have access to a top quality retailer. This is where Omaha Outdoors comes into play and we hope that during our relationship you find us to be extremely helpful. Instead of having to go to your local outdoor shop and hope that you can find the items in stock, our convenient online store front makes it easy to browse through your options from the comfort of your own home.

So, use our handy sorting features on the left of the screen to narrow down your options or type a keyword into the search bar to find exactly what you need. If you have any questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to sending your new Zeiss products directly and welcome you into the Omaha Outdoors family. We hope to see you again soon.

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