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Wise Company foods storage at Omaha Outdoors is a complete solution for feeding yourself and your family when disaster strikes. No one likes to think about what might happen in the event of a natural disaster, but you need to be prepared now rather than waiting until the last minute. If you tend to procrastinate, this normally humorous personality trait might become very dangerous in the event of a hurricane or other catastrophic event. Act now and pick up a good selection of survival foods to make sure you don't starve.

Wise Company Foods Storage For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The Wise Company online catalog includes starter survival food kits for people who aren't really sure they need to build an underground bomb shelter to survive nuclear fallout, but still want to have a few things on hand in the event of an emergency. A 56 serving breakfast and entree bucket might sound like it would last for a long time, but for a family of four, it will get you through a week, and that's at an average of 500 calories a day. You won't be living like kings, but you will be living, and that's the point of stocking up on products from Omaha Outdoors, your Wise Company dealer. In the event of a hurricane which knocks out transportation and other services including access to food, a week might go by without significant improvement. That's why Wise foods for sale are also available in larger quantities, including one month, three month, six month, and 12 month options. If you have a larger family, you plan on feeding friends as well, or you just want to eat more than 500 calories a day, these larger emergency food storage options are a good call.

You might think that buying MREs that would be a good plan, but they are actually quite bulky and expensive. Plus, they're not exactly renowned for amazing cuisine, while Wise food storage products are available in a variety of tasty and filling flavors.

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