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Though there are a wide variety of relatively unknown companies out there today offering firearms at a discount price, veteran shooters understand that you get what you pay for. Rather than go to a gun show and simply look for the cheapest model, it if important that you never neglect quality. When it comes to shooting, this quality can mean the difference between success and failure on a hunt, or life and death out in the urban jungle. Whatever your needs might be, you should always stick with a company that has a reputation for quality. Of course, there are few names in the firearm industry that have a more established reputation than Winchester Repeating Arms.

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we appreciate that you are looking for a quality rifle and want to get the absolute best service in the process. This is why we go above and beyond in customer service. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to pick up your phone and give us a call directly. We can help guide you through some of the options and make a recommendation or you can simply place your order over the phone. With a wide selection of these firearms in stock, we help ensure that once you place your order you can be confident that your items will arrive quickly, as we offer some of the fastest shipping times in the industry online today.

The Proud History of Winchester Repeating Arms

After some disagreement over the future of New Haven Arms, Oliver Winchester was able to reorganize the company using his own name. Founded in 1866, Winchester Repeating Arms has since had plenty of developments, leading to extreme growth and also experience some severe growing pains along the way. In 1880 when Winchester died, the company ran into some trouble, but fortunately a partnership with John Browning in 1883 helped to keep the company running strong. This continued into the 20th century, but World War I put some strain on the company.

Despite its expansion, it relied on borrowed money and during the Great Depression collapsed. Under new ownership, it was revitalized for a short period and was productive during World War II, but once again time caught up with it and during the 1960s the company could not keep up with rising costs. Of course, the company was able to maintain operations for a while and until 2006 it continued to work from its original location in New Haven. Today, the Winchester name is used under license by both Browning and Herstal, still providing some of their most iconic rifle designs.

Expanding the X3 Lineup

Most recently, Winchester has decided its expansion would be best served in building up the X3 shotgun lineup. The first of these is the Ultimate Sporting Adjustable model. As the name suggests, it offers some key balance adjustments that will help keep you right on target. Alternatively, the Composite Sporting Carbon Fiber is another new release. It builds on the existing Compositing Sporting model and offers a carbon fiber construction for better overall handling.

Classic Winchester Rifles for Sale

The oldest model still available, the iconic 1873 is recognized for its use during the western expansion. It features a classic walnut straight grip stock and comes with a special satin oil finish to give it a smooth touch. Its blued buttplate sits perfectly on the shoulder for a comfortable holt while firing and the full-length magazine tube offers reliable feeding when it matters. Featuring those authentic semi-buckhorn rear sights, a Marble Arms gold bead front sight, and the familiar lever action, it provides just the right experience to get the job done right.

Another throwback to the old days, the 1885 model is a great way to keep your collection strong. Just as good on display as it is in the field, this classic style only features minor adjustments for the modern production to ensure it offers more reliable performance. It offers traditional open sights and comes drilled and tapped for a scope. Its breech lock design keeps the weapon accurate, staying true to the single shot construction from so many years before.

Of course, the next year the lever action 1886 model proved to be extremely popular as well. It comes chambered in 45-70 Govt and features a full-length 8 round magazine. Its steel loading gate helps ensure smoother loading and the button-rifled barrel offers a recessed crown for the best in accuracy. For modern shooters who prefer not to rely on the included optics, it comes drilled and tapped for a scope.

Other models include the 1892, Model 94, and Model 70, all of which hold a place in the history books as a proud part of American history. Like the other new models, they come just like they did so many years ago, featuring only minor performance changes to ensure shooters could get the performance they need out in the field.

Wichester Offers Shotguns for Sale

While the rifle might be their claim to fame, Winchester also produces some of the highest quality shotguns available on the market today. Their Super X3 remains a popular options among hunters today. These guns are made with a lightweight aluminum alloy for easy carrying in the field. They come standard with a bead front sight to allow for quick and easy aiming and use Invector-Plus choke tubes to offer consistent performance. The included recoil pad helps to keep the weapon manageable and the ambidextrous safety makes it easy for anyone to handle.

The Model 101 is another great option to consider. Its powerful action was torture tested, firing 25,000 rounds through the weapon without experiencing any part failures whatsoever. In addition to this durable and rugged design, it features a classic look that you would be glad to carry into the field. Finally, the newer SXP is a great option for those looking to utilize the latest in technology. It is advertised as having the “world’s fastest pump action” and thanks to its advanced rotary bolt and black chrome protection, it might just live up to that hype. Whether for home defense or field use, this advanced platform excels.

Wiinchester Accessories to Keep You On Target

Of course, just because you are shooting a classic design does not mean you should deny yourself the accessories you need to succeed out in the field. With that in mind, Winchester offers a variety of specialized accessories to fit your needs. For starters, they provide scope rings and bases to affix a scope on your favorite rifle. They also provide Weaver style rail systems to make it easy to affix other accessories you might be looking for. With the concept originating from Winchester to begin with, they also manufacture high quality screw-on choke tubes. Naturally, you can also find the barrels you need for sale separately.

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