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Of all the different pistols that have been developed over the years, few offer the same intimidating style as the classic 1911. For rifles, there are few more trusted than the AR-15 platform. Many companies look to build on these platforms, developing high quality options to supply shooters with something they can use in the field. Of course, just because performance is important does not mean that your gun should not look good as well. Combining custom performance with beautiful styling, a Wilson Combat gun is sure to help you get the job done right.

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Wilson Combat Has A History of Quality

When Bill Wilson started Wilson’s Gun Shop back in 1977 out of his family business Wilson’s Jewelry, few could have predicted how far it would come. To begin with, Wilson started his gunsmithing with a variety of parts, but in 1983 he started manufacturing his own components. Over the years, Wilson Combat developed into much more than it started, developing into own of the most trusted names in custom 1911s. In 2000, the company grew when it purchased Scattergun Technologies and today it manufacturers its own shotguns under this name. From their headquarters in Berryville, Arkansas, they produce all variety of high quality shooting products.

Get The Top Tier Performance From a Supergrade Weapon

Since Wilson Combat is all about quality performance and styling, the first place to look in their lineup is at their Supergrade performance models. Built sparing no expense, these weapons might cost more than your typical 1911 but they are sure to perform differently as well. The Classic Supergrade is the weapon to start with.

Built with the classic 1911 look and a 5” barrel, this model offers everything you want along with a 1” accuracy guarantee at 25 yards. It is built using a full stainless steel frame to give that weighted feel you want from a pistol. The cocobolo double diamond grips give the weapon a perfect accent while the 3 ½-3 ¾ trigger pull provides a crisp and smooth performance. Its slide serrations help keep it easy to handle and the refined look makes it something to be proud of.

For those who want something even more refined, the Pinnacle Model is the way to go. Featuring many of the same qualities as The Classic, including its 1” accuracy guarantee, this model stands out thanks to its custom engraving. This, combined with the Deluxe Burl Wood Smooth Grips with Gold Plated Grip Medallions and the Walnut presentation case make it great for collectors. If instead you are interested in tactical performance, the Tactical Supergrade will get the job done thanks to its battle sights with tritium front.

Full Size and Compact 1911 Models

Of course, their Supergrade models are not the only options available. Like these beautiful pieces, the regular 1911s are all built to perform, but they lack some of the refinement, which is what allows them to keep a more reasonable price tag. Despite this, the full-sized models still come with a 1” guarantee at 25 yards. The Classic is the place to start in this category. Featuring a full carbon steel frame and an optional contrasting slide, it provides just the right weight balance.

The Tactical Carry is another full-size option available for those interested in tactical performance. It uses a concealment grip safety to provide a less bulky operation and features the same battle sights as the Supergrade version. Its G10 Starburst grips provide the secure hold you need in the field and the crisp trigger pull keeps your groupings tight.

Those who prefer a compact model might turn to the Carry Comp instead. Offering a 4.5” barrel, this model holds a smaller 7 round .45 ACP magazine but still offers a 1.5” accuracy guarantee at 25 yards. This, combined with the classic tactical look, make it an excellent option. Of course, the 9mm Ultralight Carry Sentinel is the ultimate in concealed carry. With an 8 round magazine and a 3.6” barrel, it still achieves this same 1.5” accuracy promise and delivers unwavering performance.

AR-15 Style Rifles Developed by Wilson Combat

Beyond just building 1911s, Wilson Combat has expanded into the longarms game, offering a variety of quality AR style rifles to ensure you get the performance you need. Naturally, this means 5.56 NATO chambered weapons and also includes models in .300 BLK, 6.8 SPC, .458 SOCOM, 7.62x40WT, and also .308 Win. Most of these models use a 7075 upper and lower receiver. Depending on the model you select, some are intended for close quarter combat while others are built for long range precision shooting.

Scattergun Technologies Shotguns for Sale

Of course, the modern operator also wants a shotgun he can trust, which is where the Scattergun Technologies Shotgun comes into play. The Standard model is offered in 12 gauge and features an 18” barrel along with a 3” magnum chamber. Its extended magazine tube offers 6+1 capacity and the included ghost ring sight system makes it easy to stay focused on the target ahead. This firearm comes with an Armor-Tuff finish, which makes it better equipped to stand up with tactical stresses.

Magazines, and Other Shooting Accessories

Even if you have the best gun on the planet, it won’t do you much good if you don’t have the proper accessories to support it. Naturally, the first place to start is with extra magazine. Whether for your new 1911 pistol or for another one of their weapons, Wilson Combat manufacturers some of the highest quality magazines on the market today. Built from durable materials to work for the precision shooter, these magazines are sure to give you the smooth cycling you need. In addition to magazines, they also offer various pistol and rifle parts to keep your weapon running smoothly. When you need an edged weapon, you should pick up one of their Wilson Combat folding knives.

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