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When it comes to upgrading your pistol for the best possible accuracy, you will want to check out Warren Tactical sights from Omaha Outdoors. No matter what reason you shoot, one of the most important things you need to consider with your weapon is just how accurate it is. Good optics can mean the difference between success and failure. For a law enforcement or security professional, it can mean saving a lot of lives. For the competitive shooter, it can mean taking home the victory. And, for the average home defense shooter, it can ensure you and your family remain safe.

At Omaha Outdoors, we are proud to have Warren Tactical sights in stock and ready to ship. By keeping a complete inventory of these items, we ensure our customers the fastest shipping available online and provide you with easy access to the items you need. Whether you are involved in competitions, law enforcement, or just need something accurate for home defense, these solutions are just what you are looking for. If you have any questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Otherwise, enjoy browsing through the selection below.

Professionals Trust Warren Tactical for Results

Led by founder and shooter Scott Warren, Warren Tactical sights is in the business of providing only the best optical solutions for the modern shooter. While their products might be somewhat limited, they focus in on what they do with attention to detail, which helps give them a trusted place in the professional law enforcement community. In fact, much of their business is built on reviews and testimonies from law enforcement officers, which has helped them grow into a real leader in the industry.

In addition to the glowing reviews from law enforcement officers around the country, Warren Tactical also proudly advertises that, in 2007, half of the top 30 USPSA Production Nationals competitors used their sights. Today, these sights continue to be popular among the competitive circuit, which is what allows them to continue innovating and provide exciting new options for the modern shooter.

Warren Tactical Sights for Glock

Designed for those who need precision accuracy, one of the most popular pistols people add these sights to is the Glock. Depending on the application, these shooters might choose from a variety of configurations. The first is the standard Sevigny Competition sights. These feature a .115” wide and .215” tall front sight with a black oxide finish and 70 LPI front serrations. The rear sights measure .150” wide by .120” and measure .250” tall with a flat back drafted surface and the same finish. Alternatively, these competition sights are also available with a fiber optic front, featuring either a green or red option.

If you are involved in law enforcement or just need something for self-defense, you will want to consider the Sevigny Carry option instead. This uses a .125” wide and .215” tall front sight without the serrations. It sticks to a standard .150” wide by .120” by .250” tall rear notch sight for a clear sighting option. As with the competition optics, it is also made available with a fiber optic front sight if you prefer. At Omaha Outdoors, we carry Warren Tactical sights for Glock as well as other major pistol models to keep you on target.

Built for Quality and Accuracy

Regardless of which sights you decide on, Warren Tactical takes special care and attention when manufacturing its sights. Each of these sights are made in the USA with quality parts and attention to detail. They feature exacting measurements and follow strict quality control to ensure that every set performs just as well as the last one. Since they are designed to serve law enforcement and competitive shooters, they need this level of quality if they are going to be up to the task.

Other Warren Tactical Pistol Sights

In addition to the Glock, Warren Tactical also manufactures their sights for some of the most popular models. This includes guns like the Sig Sauer P220, P226, and P229. It also includes other popular law enforcement models like the Smith & Wesson M&P and the Springfield XD. Of course, those who are 1911 enthusiasts will also want to consider the 1911 (Novak Dovetail Cut) sights. Whichever firearm you shoot, each of these sights is made with a drift adjustable rear to provide the most consistent accuracy and tuned performance.

Check Out the Custom Springfield Armory 1911

If you are a fan of the 1911 platform, you might actually consider looking at the custom Springfield Armory 1911 designed in conjunction with Warren Tactical. Aside from his work making sights, Scott Warren has a history as an HRT Operator and uses his training and expertise to prepare others for precision shooting and performance under pressure. In this, he was approached by Springfield Armory to help design a 1911 that was really built for tactical operations and would provide the kind of unrelenting performance he looked for.

Offered in 9mm or .45 ACP, this custom 1911 features a carbon steel slide select fit to the frame. It uses a stainless steel ramped barrel with polished feed ramp and throat barrel. With a unique three-line serration on the top of the slide, it delivers a great way to control the slide under pressure. Its fitted speed trigger offers a tuned 4.5 pound pull, while the lowered and flared ejection port ensures smooth cycling with every shot you take. Meanwhile, the gun is offered with a hand-fit Warren Tactical beavertail grip safety, ensuring total reliability.

It uses a custom-fit magwell for faster reloading, an extended ambidextrous thumb safety, and includes a custom two-tone black and OD green finish. Naturally, it comes topped off with Warren Tactical fiber optic sights for the best performance. It also ships with 2 premium magazines featuring slam pads to ensure smooth operations in the field.

Find Warren Tactical for Sale Online

No matter which platform you are looking to work with, Warren Tactical is trusted by those professionals who need the absolute best from their weapons. Whether it is increased accuracy for your next competition or new sights for your duty weapon, they make the parts you need to get the job done right. With a commitment to provide that unrelenting performance that is tough enough to handle regular use but accurate enough to keep you on target, you can never go wrong when you upgrade your weapon with these parts.

When you are looking to buy some new Warren Tactical sights, remember that Omaha Outdoors offers a complete inventory to keep you shooting at your best. Thanks to our wide inventory and fast shipping procedures, you can place your order online, confident that it will arrive quickly. If you have any questions about a specific part or need help selecting the right one, you can always pick up the phone and call us directly. Our friendly and knowledgeable service team is ready to help. We look forward to receiving your order and sending out your new sights right away.
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