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For over 100 years, Walther has been providing quality firearms for shooters who know that quality really does make a difference. Many of these firearms have grown to become icons of the industry in general, a great testament to the strength and reliability of the company's manufacturing processes. At Omaha Outdoors, we have Walther handguns, .22LR rimfire clones, and accessories for sale. Walther has such a diverse range of products available, so we work hard to ensure you can find everything you need in one convenient place. Working to be your number one destination for all things Walther, we work to provide the absolute best service available and fast shipping times.

About Walther Arms And Their Proud History

Originally founded in 1886, the first factory was destroyed during WWII and led to a halt for the brand. In 1953, the new corporation was founded as it exists today and continued to work with the legacy that had been created years before. Though they are best known for their many handgun designs, Walther Arms also produces a variety of rifles and clone guns that have proven to be very popular today.

Latest Developments to Come From Walther

If you are interested in the latest and best, you might look first towards the Walther PPS M2. Based off their original PPS design, this gun does not replace the first generation but it does offer some helpful features that you might prefer. Naturally, it starts off with those signature ergonomic grips. It includes a push-button mag release, cocking indicator, chamber viewport, short reset trigger, and offers 3 magazine options. With all this packaged in a compact frame, you can enjoy 9mm or .40 S&W performance without a hiccup.

In addition to this new pistol design, they also recently added a new caliber to their PPQ lineup. Formerly available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .22, this popular pistol was respected by many for its elegant design. The new .45 ACP configuration maintains the ergonomic grip profile and the included accessory rail to deliver better stopping power than any previous version. Its trigger safety and crisp 5.6 lb. trigger pull ensure you can stay on target and have a consistent grouping at the range or in the urban jungle. If you're in the market for a .45, this could be the one you have been looking for.

Walther Pistols - A Legacy of Excellence

Of course, for many shooters and non-shooters alike, the first weapon that sticks out from Walther Arms is the none other than the PPK gun. This famous gun was used by James Bond during most of his early movies and he relied on it to get him out of many tough spots. Because of this image, it has been a favorite option for concealed carry for years. Chambered in 380 ACP and offering a comfortable fit in the hand, it always delivers on its reputation.

We also carry the Walther P99 for sale, which was built specifically with law enforcement personnel in mind. Perhaps its biggest selling point is the anti-stress trigger, which requires a heavier trigger pull on the first shot and becomes lighter and smooth for follow up shots. This can help avoid accidental discharge of the firearm, and has made this a pistol that law enforcement professionals can count on. If you want something more concealable, the PPS is a great one to consider instead.

Alternatively, you might consider the PPQ. This pistol was designed to provide exceptional ergonomics for a self-defense weapon. It features a polymer frame and a striker fired design that makes for an extremely reliable gun. Shooters will enjoy ambidextrous controls and a custom designed trigger made to work for those in self-defense situations.

Other Exceptional Walther Handguns

If this isn't what you want, they also offer the PPX handgun. This was designed as a duty carry weapon and comes with a consistent 6.5 pound trigger pull to provide for solid groupings on follow-up shots. It features a loaded chamber viewport and offers 3 dot combat sights with a low profile. This ensures a smooth draw and makes for a reliable and accurate duty handgun.

If you are interested in something newer, the new Walther CCP firearm may be the one to check out. Named the "concealed carry pistol," this compact option not only features a smooth 5.5 pound trigger pull, but it also includes the new SOFTCOIL recoil technology. This works to greatly reduce felt recoil, making it easy to make those important follow shots. In a self-defense situation, this can make all of the difference.

Try a .22 LR Rimfire Pistol or Rifle

Walther also has some more specialized product lines as well, ensuring that every shooter can find exactly what he is looking for. Among those products, you might be looking for a clone of the Colt 1911 A1. They offer both the Gold Cup and the Government model options, both of which feature that iconic look you have come to appreciate. In fact, they are made with authentic parts to provide for a familiar feel while offering great target shooting performance.

The Colt M4 carbine is another popular clone. It features that distinct look of the traditional Colt design but is chambered to shoot the inexpensive 22 LR ammunition. If you want to spend some time at the range practicing with a rifle, this is an excellent option to consider.

Alternatively, you might consider the IWI Uzi. This unforgettable replica can be downright fun to shoot at the range. Like the other replicas offered by Walther, this Uzi pistol features an authentic design to ensure that you get the real look and feel of the original. The only difference is that you will be shooting 22 LR, which will be easier on your wallet.

If that is not what you want, they also have cloned some Heckler and Koch firearms. Options include the MP5, HK416, and G36. All of these are made to look like the original while offering target performance that you can rely on.

If you want something designed after a traditional Walther pistol, the Walther P22 handgun is one of the best options available on the market today. Chambered in 22LR, it offers an inexpensive way to enjoy yourself at the range with a practical pistol. It may not be a "clone" like these others, but it still offers 22 LR performance you can trust.

Grab Those Walther Parts and Accessories

Finally, Omaha Outdoors carries a variety of other parts and accessories to ensure you can find everything you need. Naturally, this includes magazines and holsters, but we also offer the Walther fake compensators. This gives your weapon a more distinguished look while allowing you to still shoot it without worrying about extra paperwork or regulations.

Omaha Outdoors also offers cerakoting services for your next Walther pistol. We can cerakote the Walther CCP in Tiffany Blue or PPQ M1 / M2 in FDE. Turn around time is around 3 weeks, so decide if you want that custom look on your next pistol.

Whether you are looking to get one of their famous concealed carry pistols or a new full-sized weapon to keep around the house, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to find all of your Walther products. Simply browse through the wide selection, use one of the sorting features to the left, or search for what you need. If you have questions at any time during the process, contact us directly and we will be glad to help.

Our mission is to become your number one destination to buy firearms online. We can only accomplish this by providing our absolute best in customer service and back this up with impressive shipping times. Call us today to see how we can help. We look forward to getting you the gun you are looking for.

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