Walther Arms CCP Handgun 9mm DAO 8 RD 3.54"

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When it comes time to actually use your concealed carry handgun, it is important that you have a firearm you can rely on while your adrenaline is pumping. In the heat of the moment, you can’t rely on your accuracy as much as usual, and when you draw your gun you want to be ready to aim and use without thinking. The Walther CCP was designed to provide the perfect concealed carry pistol, using its new blowback system and a sleek design to ensure you can act when it counts.

This compact Walther pistol is chambered in the popular 9mm caliber and includes an 8 round magazine to ensure you have enough shots for the job at hand. It features a polymer frame and ergonomic grips to provide for a comfortable grip in even the most rigorous situations. This CCP 9mm pistol also features Walther’s new SOFTCOIL gas delayed blowback system, which helps smooth out each shot and make it much easier to follow up with another shot.

When you are looking for a light-weight and reliable concealed carry pistol, this offering by Walther lives up to its name and offer an attractive option.

More Information
Sight Radius5.43"
Overall Length6.41"
Weight Unloaded22.33 oz
AccessoriesManual, Lock