Walther Arms PPQ M1 Classic Handgun 9mm DAO 15 RD 4"

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Every day, men and women in law enforcement put their lives on the line to keep the community safe. Whether you are one of those individuals looking for a quality pistol or merely an individual trying to protect his property, you need a sidearm you can count on. When you are carrying a Walther PPQ M1 9mm you can be assured that you have a reliable firearm on your side.

Based heavily off the success of the P99, which is used widely by law enforcement personnel around the world, the PPQ have many unique design features that make it a top choice for professional and personal protection. This compact model is chambered in 9mm and the standard magazine holds 15 rounds of ammo. The polymer frame was designed with ergonomic Walther grips, which help ensure you have a firm hold when in use. With low profile 3 dot combat sights, shooters can easily acquire their target and the smooth trigger pull allows for a quick follow up shot.

Whether for home defense or duty use, this pistol from Walther offers a powerful and reliable option you can count on.

More Information
ModelPPQ Classic
Sight Radius6.1"
Overall Length7.1"
Weight Unloaded24.5 oz
AccessoriesManual, Lock