Versatile Rack For Sale

Versatile Rack products at Omaha Outdoors include handgun racks for gun safes and campsite racks for rifles and shotguns, among many other products. These well thought out kits will help you store your guns safely and keep them in reach no matter where you are, but even if you don't have firearms, their products will come in handy for a variety of outdoor activities including archery and fishing.

Versatile Rack For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The Versatile Rack online catalog includes products like the Campsite Kit which is designed to keep four rifles or shotguns, with or without scopes, off the ground and pointed in a safe direction. The Campsite Kit is foldable for storage and easy carry and can be used at the hunting cabin, the gun range, in your workshop, or, as the name implies, at a campsite. It's vinyl coated to keep the welded steel frame from damaging your firearms and best of all it's made in the USA.

If you are a gun owner with a safe bursting with handguns, you may be in need of a better method for their organization. That's where the Versatile Handgun Rack comes in, and it's one of our favorite products as a Versatile Rack dealer. Available in single digit increments from the VR1 to the VR10, with the model number corresponding to the number of firearms stored, you will find that it's possible to store three or four handguns in the same surface area where one would previously lie flat. If your gun safe is wide enough and tall enough, you can use the Versatile Handgun Rack Stacking Kit to place VR racks atop one another for the ultimate in hand gun storage. Another versatile gun rack for sale is the handgun hanger for storage of handguns below shelves in gun safes.

Also of note are the Bow Spike and Rod Spike, which can keep your bow and arrows, and fishing rod, respectively, off the ground and ready for use at a moment's notice. The Rod Spike can even hold your rod when fishing and allows for easy removal when you notice a fish strike.

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