UTAS For Sale

UTAS firearms at Omaha Outdoors include the UTS-15 pump action shotgun and the XTR-12 semi-auto shotgun. If these firearms don't sound familiar to you, that's because UTAS pump shotguns for sale are unique new designs that combine features with compactness, they're not just another sawed off pistol grip pump shotgun or tube magazine fed semi-auto shotgun promising to cycle 0.00012 seconds faster than the competition. The UTS–15 is a dual magazine pump action shotgun in a bullpup configuration with a drastically reduced overall length compared to pump shotguns of a standard configuration, and the XTR-12 is an AR 15 style magazine-fed semi-automatic shotgun.

UTAS Semi & Pump Action Shotguns For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The UTAS UTS-15 can handle 2 ¾ inch as well as 3-inch magnum shotshell ammunition, and its dual seven round magazines feature either automatic alternation or a selectable feed for if states and territories where magazines greater than 10 rounds are banned. If local specifications prohibit even this Manual feed, dual magazine configuration, the UTS-9 has magazine capacity limited to nine rounds and still carries the benefits of a shorter overall length. At just 28 inches long, the UTS-15 is shorter than many submachine guns, but packs a much greater wallop. It's feature laden too, with optional integrated internally mounted LED light and laser with built-in switch activation as well as multiple sling mounting points throughout the length of the firearm. Finishes are available including bronze, tungsten, muddy girl camo, and more.

The XTR-12 is the other half of the UTAS online catalog and something we are very interested in, even setting aside UTAS dealer status. While this appears to be an AR 15 with a large magazine, it is in fact a gas operated rotating bolt semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun which can handle, like the UTS-15, up to 3 inch magnum shells. There's a Picatinny rail on the receiver and an integrated quad rail for mounting lights, lasers, and optics wherever you prefer, and the detachable magazine holds five rounds. Overall length is very similar to an M16 with a 20-inch barrel and a collapsible stock and weight comes in at an extremely manageable 8 and a quarter pounds.

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