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It's no exaggeration to say that an Ultimate Survival kit at Omaha Outdoors might save a life one day, and that life might even be yours. Survival kits can be found almost anywhere, but how do you know you're getting quality stuff and not just some leftover camping gear from the clearance section at your local sporting goods store? Easy, pick up a survival kit from Ultimate Survival Technologies. They have decades of experience in wilderness survival under their belt.

UST Survival Gear Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Take, for example, the Ultimate Survival knife for sale. This is actually a series of knives including a glow in the dark folder with a small carabiner clip, making it easy to attach to a bag or pack, and a line of fixed blade knives ranging from small to machete size. Their fixed blade knives normally include paracord wrap on the handle, which can be removed for use in survival situations, or replaced with UST ParaTinder, which is unfortunately not a dating app that will parachute your date into your wilderness survival situation, but instead paracord with a tinder core for starting fires while maintaining the versatility of paracord.

When it comes to lighting fires, the Ultimate Survival Technologies online catalog contains a wide range of fire starters, lighters, matches, and stoves which are designed to be used in any weather condition and regardless of how cold or wet you might be. For example, the Delta Stormproof lighter will provide a reliable flame in winds up to 80 miles per hour, a wind speed at which you should be concerned about your continued existence.

You will need shelter in the wilderness, and UST has you covered with a line of tarps, tents, and shelter accessories which are highly visible to rescuers and can provide essential protection from the elements. They even have reflective tents which will both signal rescuers and conserve body heat along with bug tents for protection from malaria, or at least annoying mosquito bites. Be sure to purchase from an Ultimate Survival Technologies dealer to avoid counterfeit products.

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