US PeaceKeeper For Sale

US PeaceKeeper gun cases at Omaha Outdoors are as affordable and discreet as you can get with a rifle or shotgun case, and as versatile and affordable as you can get with a pistol case. These are not flashy or fancy bags and cases, rather they are practical methods of carrying firearms to and from the range while keeping them from prying eyes and damage.

US PeaceKeeper Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The US PeaceKeeper online catalog also includes many other bags and packs meant for a variety of uses, including everything from tiny range bags which are meant to carry a single handgun and a single box of ammunition along with eye and ear protection to large load out bags capable of carrying body armor, helmets, night vision, and other patrol gear required by today's law enforcement officers. The US PeaceKeeper rapid deployment pack for sale is a side sling pack similar to a messenger bag in concept but with the ability to carry spare magazines, a pistol, a trauma kit, a radio, water bottle, and a flashlight. Constructed with 600D nylon, it is intended to maximize weight reduction and avoid excess bulk instead of offering the heavy duty 1000D construction of other US PeaceKeeper bags.

These "other" 1000D bags in the US PeaceKeeper online catalog include the Drag Bag which is built tough with a lot of padding to protect your precision rifle from damage including a potential loss of zero. You can drag it, carry it, or even wear it like a backpack, and it includes interior pockets for accessories and gear. If you don't need the maximum protection offered by the Drag Bag and would instead prefer to maximize storage, consider the 3-Gun Case intended to allow you to bring a shotgun, a pistol, and a rifle all in a single case with padded protection for every firearm. These are just some of the items we carry as a US PeaceKeeper dealer, but you should check out the rest as they have many EDC bags and other discreet carry solutions.

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