If you have been searching for the best TRUGLO sights, you are in the right place. Among the various components you might look for to upgrade your firearm for enhanced performance, none of them can really stack up against a good set of sights for your firearm. While some factory weapons have started including more advanced sights, often times the most difficult part of finding a good sighting solution is getting one that will let you see both during the day and night. This means looking to aftermarket options in many cases, which is where a company like this really shows off what it can offer.

At Omaha Outdoors, we are proud to carry a wide selection of TRUGLO sights in stock and ready to ship. By keeping a large inventory of these products, we ensure our customers access to the options they need for the best performance every time. We also are able to provide for some of the fastest shipping in the industry today, allowing you more time to use that new weapon and less time waiting. If you have any questions about these products or need help making your selection, go ahead and give us a call directly. Otherwise, enjoy checking out our large inventory below.

TRUGLO Sights Strive for the Best

Proudly manufacturing their sights out of Richardson, Texas, TRUGLO has been working since they were first founded to innovate and develop the best sighting solutions for the modern shooter. During this time, they also have shown an incredible commitment to building up the shooting community as a whole. In fact, they sponsor some exceptional programs and events, such as the Texas A&M CCMU (Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit). They also sponsor the Youth Target Foundation, Daughters at the Range, Shooting Industry Masters Tournament, and other key shooting foundations. Finally, they believe that hunting is a sport that should be preserved for many years to come and for all future generations, which is why they also participate in conservation partnerships.

Red Dot Sights Built to Impress

For many shooters today, a red dot is the ultimate way to get yourself locked on target and achieve the best level of accuracy while maintaining situational awareness. With that in mind, TRUGLO designs a variety of great red dot sights that you might want to get your hands on. The Gobble-Stopper 30mm dual color optic is perfect for those who are interested in turkey hunting. It offers an optional red or green reticle depending on the background environment and includes a main battery and spare battery storage compartment, ensuring you always have a redundancy in the field. With a flip-up lens cap and lanyard system, you can go about your hunting without worrying about damaging the sight or losing important components.

Meanwhile, the dual color Open Red Dot sight system is a great option for all variety of shooting endeavors, including those tactical engagements. This option provides a very wide field of vision and features a lightweight, compact design. With the integral Weaver mounting system and your choice of red or green reticle, it provides just the right exposure you need. Alternatively, the new TRU-TEC Red Dot uses a 2 MOA reticle for precision aiming. It offers an extended battery life and features multiple brightness settings to ensure you can operate during virtually any time of the day. With a waterproof/fogproof design, you should be able to handle whatever comes your way.

Other Reflex Sights from TRUGLO

Of course, TRUGLO also provides a variety of other reflex sights you might consider for use in the field. Their all-purpose Multi Reticle Red Dot system is built with all-around performance in mind and provides an exceptional platform within a lightweight, compact design. They also manufacture the TRU-BRITE and TRITON series of red dots, which can provide that fast response time you need without sacrificing one of your eyes in the process.

Get Optics for Your Glock

While a red dot can work great on a variety of weapons, some prefer to keep their pistol equipped with more standard optics. Whether it is your favorite Glock, Sig Sauer, or another popular model, you can sort through the various TRUGLO options for your pistol right here at Omaha Outdoors. For some, the obvious choice is the standard Tritium night sights, which are CNC machined for durability and precision. They provide a green front and rear and feature some of the brightest inserts on the market today.

Alternatively, you might check out the TFO line if you work in both dark and light environments. Combining tritium and fiber optics, these innovative sights use the best of both worlds to offer the brightness you need at night and the clarity you need during the day. With a patented construction, they are marketed as the best handgun sights around, and many believe they live up to this name. Finally, you might consider the TFX Pro line of sights. These integrate professional features into the fiber optic/tritium combo, providing a slanted front sight for one-handed operations, an un-notch design, and a tough exterior meant to take a beating.

Archery Sights to Stay on Target

If bow hunting is more your speed, TRUGLO is also there to help with your experience. Their newest product is the CARBON XS XTREME. This optic features an ultra-lightweight design and is made from carbon composite to provide a tough and lasting construction. It offers extra-long fibers for the most brightness during those nighttime hunts. The glow-in-the-dark shooters ring is aligned with the outer aperature to provide the best viewing experience. In addition to this new option, they also provide a great selection of other bow sights to keep you shooting straight.

Equip Your Crossbow with TRUGLO Accessories

Of course, many hunters use a crossbow instead, so TRUGLO is ready to provide this option for you as well. Their TRUBRITE XTREME IR scope is one of the popular options you might consider. They also offer a compact crossbow sight for those who want a smaller option. The newest offering is the CROSS-TEC Compact sight. This uses a waterproof/fogproof/nitrogen gas-filled optic to provide the best shooting experience. Its fully coated lens provides brightness and clarity, ensuring you can stay on target in any conditions. Meanwhile, it is adjustable by 1/2 MOA for windage and elevation, providing you the precision aiming you need wherever you go.

Find TRUGLO Sights at Omaha Outdoors

Among the different companies you might shop with for sights, TRUGLO stands out for offering outstanding products for a wide variety of applications. Whether it is a standard set of sights for your favorite Glock or a more advanced optic system for your go-to rifle platform, they go above and beyond in delivering quality products. Their unique archery and crossbow products also provide for some exceptional options, ensuring you can find the right option to fit your specific need. Regardless of which platform you shoot with, Omaha Outdoors is here to stock up all of the best options to keep you right on target.

Thanks to our innovative storefront, you are easily able to navigate through the options available online and narrow down your search using some convenient sorting features. From there, you can examine the individual features of the different optics and decide on which one really fits your needs. Of course, we have a commitment to service, so if you have any questions about specific optics or need help placing your order, just pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to sending out your new TRUGLO sights and wish you the best wherever you intend to use them.

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