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Shooters looking for the very best in combat ready red dot sights like the MRO and rifle scopes like the ACOG need look no further than optics from Trijicon for sale here at Omaha Outdoors.

If you’re in the market for a new red dot sight, rifle scope, iron sights, or even HD binoculars, you should strongly consider Trijicon for sale here at Omaha Outdoors. In the world of optics and sights, few companies garner as much respect from such a broad coalition of hunters, law enforcement officers, competition shooters, and members of the military as Trijicon. The company has been in business for over 35 years and supplies optics and sighting systems to the United States Marine Corps, Army, Special Operations Forces, and Law Enforcement. Their legendary ACOG fixed power rifle scope has been issued to literally millions of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines. They’ve led the way in pistol mounted red dot sights with the RMR and have changed the way hunters see fiber optics with the Accupoint and Accupower. Police officers everywhere have Trijicon night sights on their duty pistols.

Trijicon Offers You MRO For Your Money

Despite tremendous commercial and military success, Trijicon is not content to sit idly and fail to innovate. Trijicon’s newest product for the civil market is the Trijicon MRO or Miniature Rifle Optic, a reflex sight weighing only 4.1 ounces but providing a significantly larger viewing area in comparison with other mini or micro red dots. The MRO is designed for military use with its waterproofing and tough construction, but equally at home on a rifle or shotgun used for home defense, three gun competition, or target shooting. They are also at the forefront of pistol reflex sight design with the Trijicon RMR for your Glock or FN Herstal FNX-45, a tiny Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight which may also be used as a backup sight attached to a fixed or variable power rifle scope.

Glow in the Dark for Grown Ups

Trijicon’s first products manufactured in house were Trijicon night sights for Glock, H&K, Smith and Wesson, and Sig Sauer. Tritium is a radioactive element which glows naturally even in tiny amounts, so it is an excellent option for making pistol sights bright and obvious in the dark. The half life of tritium is 12.3 years, meaning that after a dozen years, approximately half of the atoms of tritium have decayed into helium-3 and will no longer provide illumination. If you have some of the original Trijicon night sights made in 1985, it’s well past time to buy new sights, as they have less than twenty percent of the original tritium remaining! As more and more people add silencers to their handguns, they find new sights tall enough to clear the top of the suppressor may be necessary. For these buyers, Trijicon offers Bright & Tough suppressor sights.

If Marines Can’t Break The ACOG, Neither Can You

Trijicon also uses tritium in the dual-illumination ACOG scopes, which are low magnification fixed power optics in extremely rugged housings – rugged enough to survive being handled by US Marines, who are known for their skill in managing to break just about anything. Unlike many other rifle scopes, Trijicon ACOGs are designed to be used with both eyes open and the objective end of the scope may even be covered to allow the use of the ACOG indoors as an occluded eye gunsight, functioning in a manner similar to a non magnified red dot sight. While the technique requires some training and practice, it can be highly effective in the right hands.

Trijicon intends for the ACOG to be used at all hours of the day, and most ACOG scopes have both tritium illumination and a fiber optic to catch and direct sunlight to the reticle, providing an immediate and obvious method for the shooter to direct fire in a precise manner. Trijicon does provide a service to replace the tritium in ACOGs if the radioactive decay has caused nighttime illumination to drop below acceptable levels. The benefit of tritium and fiber optic illumination is that neither requires a source of electric power, unlike other scopes and optics that require constant and often expensive battery changes on a regular basis. Export restrictions largely prevent people outside the United States from buying tritium, so for those customers, Trijicon offers several AA battery-powered ACOGs which provide varying levels of illumination useful from the darkest nights to the brightest days. For shooters wanting the toughness of the ACOG with the versatility of variable magnification, the VCO/VCOG is available with 1-6x magnification.

Whether you want ghost ring night sights for your Remington 870, an OD Green/FDE optic for your Remington 700, or an ACOG for your crossbow – yes, Trijicon makes archery sights too – Trijicon has you covered with a tough, easy-to-use sighting system.

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