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Over the last few decades, muzzle loading has become a lot more popular. Thanks to advances in modern technology, people are able to afford high quality firearms at a lower price. With this, they have money left over to spend on hobby weapons, like these muzzle loaders. When it comes to supplying muzzle loaded rifles, pistols, and other accessories, there are few companies out there ready to compete with Traditions Performance Firearms. Offering everything from classic rifle designs down to miniature yet functional cannons, they offer shooters a great way to get out and enjoy themselves with a much more unique hobby.

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we appreciate shooters of all variety and find that muzzle loading can be a very enjoyable way to shoot. With this in mind, we do our best to keep a variety of Traditions firearms in stock and ready to ship. This gives us the ability to provide some of the fastest shipping times in the industry, ensuring that you can place your order and quickly receive the items you want. Of course, we also understand that you might have questions, so please feel free and pick up the phone. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help.

Following American Traditions

Specializing in muzzle loaded guns, Traditions Performance Firearms works to build some of the highest quality rifles, pistols, and specialized muzzle loading accessories on the market today. Working from their headquarters in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, they strive to provide weapons that will not only appeal to the target shooter looking for a classic feel but one that can also be used by the hunter. This is why they strive to provide accurate and reliable muzzle loading action that you can count on in the field. With a variety of different models to choose from, you should have no difficulty finding just the right item to fill your historic needs.

Get That Old Time Feel with a Classic Sidelock Rifle

Among some of their most popular options, the Traditions Classic Sidelock rifles represent some of the best reproduction rifles available today. Fully functional and ready to be loaded, these excellent pieces are great for display but also effective for use in the field. If you have been looking for a muzzle-loaded rifle, you should definitely consider one of these options.

The Hawken Woodsman is a great hunting rifle, featuring the classic styling in a piece you can trust. The Kentucky Rifle uses an octagonal rifle to achieve a great level of accuracy and offers that classic look. Alternatively, the Pensylvannia Rifle is great for display or Civil War Reenactment use. If you prefer, you might also consider the Tennessee Rifle, which uses a 24” octagonal barrel. Finally, the Crockett Rifle is a great option to look at and uses a smaller .32 caliber round.

Grab Yourself a Classic Pistol to Look Back to the Past

One of the most classic pistols out there is the old Flintlock. If you are looking to stick to a rural feel of the old mountain men, you might consider the Trapper Pistol. Those who prefer the open seas might turn to the Pirate Pistol. If you are looking for a percussion system instead, you should consider the Kentucky Pistol. Alternately, the Percussion Select Trapper is a great option as well. No matter which you select, you benefit from a .50 caliber pistol you can trust to work while still looking beautiful.

Try Out a Modern Performance Piece You Can Trust

Those who prefer to use their muzzle loader for hunting or just want to enjoy more accurate target shooting might instead select a more modern design. In spite of the muzzle loading action, these rifles use some advanced features to provide for more accurate and reliable usage in the field. The Tracker 209 is a great example of this. Ready to accept up to a 150 grain magnum powder charge, it operates with a 24” performance barrel. Featuring Lite Optic adjustable sights, you are able to easily keep yourself on target.

An even more modern look, the Buckstalker is accurately named as it provides an excellent delivery system from your .50 caliber round. It uses an LT-1 alloy frame, a blued 24” barrel, and comes with TRUGLO Fiber Optic Sights for the best accuracy under any conditions. In fact, it is sure to stay accurate out to 200 yards. If you need something lighter, the Pursuit G4 is the perfect. It weighs just 5.75 lbs. and features a 26” chromolly fluted barrel precision made with accuracy in mind. Despite its light weight, it uses a wider forend to provide a better grip and features performance you can trust.

Experience the Reliability of the Vortek Series

Of course, those interested in hunting specifically might prefer to check out the Vortek series. The basic Vortek Strikerfire is one of the more popular options. It features many of the same performance features as the other rifles, but provides a refined design that ensures the best accuracy. Available in a pistol configuration as well, it gives you some options in the field and allows you to get something that really suits your needs in the field.

Have Some Fun with a Build it Yourself Kit

Though a muzzle loader might be enjoyable on its own, it is even more enjoyable if you have the pleasure of building it yourself. With this in mind, Traditions offers a variety of different kits. This includes rifles and pistols, but also is offered in miniature cannons, which shoot regular ball rounds and provide plenty of fun if you have a place to use them. If not, they make great display pieces.

Muzzle Loading Accessories to Keep on Hand for the Best Results

If you already use a muzzle loader, you understand that there is a lot more you need to consider when keeping that weapon up and running. For those who are just starting with these classic firearms, you might benefit from buying one of the Traditions shooting and cleaning kits. These kits are designed to have everything you need, taking out the initial guesswork and letting you build an understanding of what is involved in maintaining your new weapon. On the other hand, those who already know what they need will be happy to sort through the various accessories, including ball starters, cappers, flasks, and a variety of flintlock specific accessories.

Whether you are buying just the gun or hoping to pick up all the accessories you need, Omaha Outdoors wants to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. This is why our convenient online storefront was designed and organized in a way that allows you to take out the guesswork and get a better idea of what you need. If you have any questions, please pick up the phone and give us a call. Whether you wish to learn more about muzzle loading or just have trouble finding the items you need, we would love to hear from you. Otherwise, simply place your order with confidence. We look forward to sending your new Traditions firearms and accessories.
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