Whether for hunting or target shooting, it is important that you have just the right rifle to fit your shooting needs. For some applications, this might involve affixing a long-range scope and for others you might simply rely on the factory sights to get the job done. Of course, no matter how you plan to lock in on your target, the first step is getting yourself a quality rifle that you can trust to get the job done right every time. With almost 100 years of progress and development under its belt, Tikka offers shooters just this sort of gun.

Realizing that shooters come from all different backgrounds and hoping to carry something for everyone, Omaha Outdoors keeps a great variety of these Tikka rifles in stock and ready to ship. In doing so, we ensure you can benefit from some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. More importantly, we understand that you might have questions, which is why our friendly customer service staff makes itself available to help. Whether you are unsure about which rifle will best suit your needs or you have trouble finding what you need, please feel free to pick up the phone and call us directly. We hope you stop by often.

The Unlikely Development of a Quality Rifle

Tikkakoski, or just Tikka for short is a Finland-based rifle manufacturer that started operation in 1893. Though it did not begin by producing rifles, in 1918, it collaborated with Sako to develop a prototype rifle design. Building on Sako’s longtime understanding of the industry, they were able to develop a great option for the hunter at the time. Over the years, it continued to develop new and modern designs to appeal to rifle shooters of all variety and at the start of the new millennium it was acquired by Beretta and gained access to even more design capability. Today, it continues to produce high quality rifles for the modern sports shooter.

Consider a Legendary T3 Tikka Rifle

Just as there are a wide variety of game out there you might hunt, there are also a wide variety of rifles for you to choose from. Regardless of which rifle you select, Tikka is known for producing some of the highest quality and most reliable options for the modern hunter. The T3 is their latest development, made using their collective knowledge over the years to provide you with a new hunting implement you can rely on in the field.

All of their T3 rifles are made with a two-stage safety, which blocks both the trigger and bolt handle and provides a highly visible way to see whether the gun is ready to fire or not. The bolt action is extremely rigid, providing exceptional accuracy by using a spring-loaded plunger ejector and a removable bolt handle. Many consider it to be one of the smoothest actions available on the market today. Next, all models rely on a single-stage steel trigger with vertical grooves for additional grip. These triggers are fully adjustable for a 2-4 lb. pull. Finally, all barrels are made using cold hammer-forged Cr-Mo alloy. This is hand crowned to ensure an accurate operation at all times.

T3 Models to Choose from

Though the standard feature list might be impressive, it is important that you also consider the specific features on the rifle you choose to select. If you want a classic look and feel, the T3 Hunter is the basic offering to consider. It comes available with barrels ranging from 20” to 24” and provides a wide variety of caliber selections. Using a high-grade walnut stock, it provides a comfortable feel and classic look and is also offered in a left-handed model to provide for a larger variety of shooters.

If you prefer something that looks more modern, you might instead consider the T3 Lite. This excellent model also offers a wide selection of calibers and various barrel configurations but it uses a black polymer stock for that more modern look. Alternatively, the T3 compact uses this same stock but in a shorter configuration, providing a 1” spacer to allow for further customization on the length of pull. While you are considering these, you might also look at the T3 Varmint, which uses a free-floating barrel to eliminate vibrations. It uses an extra wide forend and comes with swivel studs to provide plenty of options for shooting.

For those tactical-minded people, the T3 CTR (Compact Tactical Rifle) is a newer option that comes with a standard 10 round magazine. It features a picatinny rail for accessories and uses a 20” semi-heavy barrel with muzzle threads to allow for a muzzle device. Alternatively, the T3 TAC uses a free-floating match grade barrel to achieve extraordinary accuracy at all times and also comes with a threaded muzzle.

Sako Cartridges

While you are using a Tikka rifle, you might also want to consider adding Sako cartridges to your collection. With over 100 different loads to offer, these quality rounds will ensure you get the absolute best shooting experience from your new rifle. All hunting loads are developed and tested to ensure maximum stopping power, giving you a round you can count on out in the field. They offer a variety of these different rounds all intended for different game and even offer a special phone app that lets you identify which is best for your purposes.

Scope Mounts

Of course, one of the most important parts of using a rifle is having a good optics system in place. For the hunter, that is most commonly found with a scope. Just as you would not want to use inferior ammo or parts in the actual body of your gun, it is important that you get a quality mounting platform to use for your weapon. The Tikka scope mounts are developed with the latest quality construction materials, ensuring a perfect fit on your Tikka rifle while providing you the quality you need for long life out in the field on your hunt.

Tikka Rifles for Sale at Omaha Outdoors

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