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There are a variety of names in the firearm industry that have achieved a certain level of familiarity, even among non-shooters. These companies are recognized for their quality products and also for the great value they offer their shooters. Whether it is through constant innovation or just by sheer power of reliability, they allow shooters comfort in knowing they have the right tools for the job. Among those companies, Taurus stands out for offering high quality handguns at an extraordinary price.

Knowing that Taurus can provide for your needs is only the first step, but actually finding those parts you need can be a bit trickier. To help avoid this challenge, Omaha Outdoors does our best to keep a wide variety of their products in stock and ready to ship. This not only makes it easier to find what you need, but also ensures you can benefit from some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. Of course, this wide selection and quick shipping is topped only by our customer service, which is praised for being the best online. So, if you have any questions, please call us directly. If not, enjoy your stay!

Building A Trusted Brand

Founded in 1939 as a tool and die manufacturer, Forjas Taurus has come a long way since its initial development as a company. In 1941, they began working with firearms by producing their own revolver design. It wasn’t until 1968 that they started importing their designs to the United States. Though their designs were not largely popular at first, they identified potential for improvement and in 1984 they created Taurus International Manufacturing Incorporated, a USA-based subsidiary that could provide high-quality weapons directly in the United States. Since then, they have become more and more respected for their great value and offer a wide variety of items for sale. Operating from its headquarters in Porto Alegre, Brazil, they now are a trusted name in affordable firearms around the world.

A Well-Respected Revolver to Use

Since the revolver is one of the first weapons that Taurus developed, it makes sense that their models are so well-respected today. To help shooters decide on which one best suits their needs, they have designated these revolvers into a variety of different families. One of the popular “entry-level” families to consider is the Tracker Series of revolvers. These models come chambered in a variety of calibers ranging from .17 HRM and .22 LR to .45 Colt or .44 Magnum. The smaller calibers make popular options for those training to shoot while the larger ones are ideal to bring out in the field for protection against large animals like bears.

The 17B6 is one popular option available in this family. It comes chambered in .17 HMR and allows for 7 rounds to be loaded in the cylinder. Its rubber grips use a ribber design to provide the best comfort and the adjustable rear sights provide a great way to stay on target. Its blued finish gives it a great look while the 6.5” barrel ensures you can stay accurate with every shot.

If you want something a bit larger, you might instead turn to the Taurus Judge. Named because of its popularity for carry by judges, this revolver offers unwavering performance when you need it. Ready to be loaded with either .410 shotshells or .45 Colt ammo, it offers a 5 round capacity. Its fiber optics red sights provide a great way for people to get a clear view of the target. The rubber grip uses an ergonomic design to help ensure you can keep a firm hold on the weapon during use, even with the high caliber rounds.

Those looking for something a bit more substantial might find the Raging Bull series of interest. Chambered in either the .44 Magnum or .454 Casull rounds, it is one of the favorite hunting handguns around. The iconic model features an 8 3/8” barrel, providing a 6 round capacity to ensure you can get the job done right. Its soft rubber grip provides a contoured finger area to allow for the best handling.

A Full Line of Reliable Pistols

In addition to making an array of quality revolvers, they also produce some great pistols. The PT 24/7 is designed with the latest and best in firearm development. It uses checkered polymer grips for a more advanced handling experience and its .45 ACP comes standard with a 12 round magazine. It also comes available in either 9mm or .40 S&W, allowing you to get the right fit based on your individual caliber preferences.

For those shooters who prefer a more classic design, the Taurus 1911 delivers all the performance you want from a quality design. Using an 8 round magazine, chambered in the classic .45 ACP, it allows for a great home defense weapon. Featuring genuine Novak Sights, you will always be able to get a positive view of your target. The ventilated light trigger gives you minimum over-travel and allows you to maintain control over the weapon.

Try A Concealed Carry Series Model for Personal Protection

Consisting of both pistols and revolvers, Taurus offers a wide selection of weapons designated for concealed carry use. With both pistols and revolvers at your disposal, this gives you the ability to get the best fit based on the situation. One option is the mini-judge, which features a 2.5” barrel and supplies the same power as the full-sized model. Female shooters might like the 738 TCP, which is offered with a pink finish and is chambered in .380 ACP for performance she can trust. The 10 ounce carry weight makes it easy to handle.

For a more unique look, the Taurus Curve is the only way to go. Its super compact design includes a built in laser and maintains a light weight with a snag-free format.

Taurus Accessories for Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Beyond their many firearm designs, they also produce all the accessories you will need to keep your new handgun working at its best. Naturally, Omaha Outdoors carries a variety of these accessories, not the least of which are magazines built for their most popular pistols. For the revolvers, we also offer Stellar Clips, which work like moon clips to provide a quick loading option for those weapons. Finally, you can also select from different grip options to give your weapon a more custom feel or you can get the replacement parts you might need for your favorite weapon.

Whether you are ordering your next home defense weapon, a new concealed carry revolver, or just shopping for accessories, Omaha Outdoors wants to make sure you can find all the Taurus products you need. This is why our convenient online storefront was organized with ease of use in mind. Of course, if you find that you cannot locate the item you want or you simply have questions about what you do see, please feel free to contact us directly.

If you already know what you need, simply add the items to your cart and place your order with confidence. We look forward to sending your new Taurus products directly.

Taurus Firearms For Sale

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