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Some shooters simply buy their weapons for recreational purposes. Others look for something they can keep around for home defense while still others seek out effective hunting tools. For others, using a gun goes beyond simple enjoyment, leading to an interest in competitive shooting. If you hope to compete in any sort of competition, you need a weapon that is really built to deliver the best performance without fail. To help shooters accomplish this, a variety of great companies have sprung up offering pistols and rifles specifically designed for competitive use. Among those companies, the recently established Taran Tactical Innovations makes a case to be your go-to place for a customized experience.

Hoping to stay on the cutting edge with product offerings, Omaha Outdoors works to provide a wide variety of Taran Tactical firearms for sale. This is why we continually keep a great selection of these weapons, ensuring you can find what you need in stock and ready to ship. In doing so, we cut back on the time it takes from when you place your order to when you receive your weapon, which is always a good thing. More importantly, our customer service team is more than willing and able to help answer any questions you might have. So, when it comes time to order, please feel free to contact us directly for help.

Built by a Competitive Champion

Founded by competitive shooter and world champion Taran Butler, Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) builds a variety of custom solutions for many different competitive shooters out there. With his long list of competitive shooting victories, Butler is able to make some of the most well-designed weapons for competitive shooters. From their headquarters in Simi Valley, California, they continue to tinker with their weapon designs, working to build the absolute best when it comes to competition ready performance. With active involvement from a winning competition shooter, the company always stays at the forefront when it comes to accuracy and reliability.

Customize Your Glock Using Taran Tactial Innovations

Among one of the most popular handguns is the TTI Glock 34. With its popular RTS (ready to shred) package, shooters get a variety of great upgrades to ensure that their 9mm is ready for competitive use. This includes new fiber optic sights for better visibility and a lighter trigger assembly for a smoother, more consistent pull. In addition to these accuracy upgrades, it receives a stainless steel guide rod with reduced weight recoil spring, and more, including the fast reload magwell. All of the changes are meant to maximize accuracy and assist with reloading, ensuring a smooth performance for competitive use.

In addition to the G34, Taran Tactical also does work on a variety of other Glock models, including the popular G17, G19, and even the G21. At Omaha Outdoors, you can buy these pistols already customized or you can order the parts you need to get the job done yourself. For example, you can purchase the ISMI guide rod or additional connectors to install on your own. Or, perhaps you just want to get the expanded magwell so you can benefit from quicker reloads.

Working With Other Pistol Models

Naturally, TTI doesn’t just work with the Glock model pistol. Instead, they also produce a variety of components for both the S&W M&P and the Springfield XD(M). In both cases, these focus on the magazines, offering extended basepads to ensure your magazines can be easily changed and providing for more reliable performance when you need them. Though they don’t offer the high level of customization featured with the Glock, they still will help ensure your successful performance in the field or at the range.

Upgrade Your AR-Style Rifle

No company like this would be complete if it did not also offer some AR parts to help ensure your rifle performed at its best. This is why TTI offers plenty of AR magazines that are built to a high level of performance to ensure success. They also supply extended mags designed to give you ease of reloading and offer that comfort you need in the field. While you are getting those magazines, you might also pick up a new compensator. Both the PRI AR10 and PRI AR15 are made with the highest quality design to ensure they reduce muzzle climb, diminish recoil, and quiet the noise heard by the shooter.

Try a Benelli Shotgun On For Size

A shotgun isn’t traditionally known for being the most accurate weapon, but once you put your Benelli through the Taran Tactical test it definitely will be. Like many of the other weapons they work on, TTI offers a complete overhaul for this shotgun, providing all variety of new components and parts to make it perfect better than any shotgun you have used before. Some of these improvements include: reducing the trigger pull by a full 3 lbs., supplying a custom bolt carrier for smoother performance, custom stippling for better grip on the weapon, cheek pad, and a variety of TTI unique parts to provide a better shooting experience.

At Omaha Outdoors, you can purchase this already complete Benelli package without having to do any of the work yourself. Alternatively, you can also find many of the TTI parts and put on the upgrades on your own. Be warned though, if you go this route you will want gunsmithing experience, as some of the upgrades are not easily performed without the proper training and materials.

Getting All The Right Parts

Of course, Taran Tactical also designed some options for those who want an effective self-defense weapon. The RTG (ready to go) series features upgrades similar to the competition packages but each of these adjustments is designed to provide maximum performance in a practical defense weapon. If you are a tactical operator or just looking for a great home defense tool, this might be more up your alley.

When you are thinking of getting a custom weapon from Taran Tactical Innovations, look no further than Omaha Outdoors. We organize everything for you in a way that allows you to easily order your next weapon ready for competitive use. By ordering through us, you are able to get a brand new pistol already built to specifications without having to worry about sending your old gun in and waiting for an excessive period of time. Best of all, you always have access to our helpful and knowledgeable staff, who are happy to assist when you pick up the phone and call.

So, simply place your order below or give us a call now. We look forward to sending your new custom firearm.

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