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When it comes to tactical operations and military applications, innovation is the primary concern. As technology develops, it allows users to expand their current weapons platforms and take advantage of all these new innovations. Whether you are a security professional or law enforcement official, or just a concerned citizen, you want to make sure you always have the latest and greatest in this category. To accomplish this, you will want to look at a company like TangoDown. Developing a variety of helpful tools to bring out your weapons' full potential, these parts and accessories are just what you need.

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Proudly Serving the US Military

Operating out of La Verne, California, Tango Down has proudly been producing military and law enforcement products for over ten years now. Working in conjunction with special operation units like the Navy SEALS, they have developed innovative weapon solutions to help ensure that shooters can get the best performance from their favorite firearms. Developing products for pistols and rifles alike, they look to cut back on the carry weight and improve the performance of many of these common military weapons. For civilians, they offer some excellent aftermarket parts to for a noticeable improvement at the range.

TangoDown's ARC Mags For Sale

Since they work to provide for military and other professional applications, TangoDown wanted to throw away the accepted magazine design and replace it with something that could avoid many of the common problems. Naturally, they started with the basic AR design, building a model that is ready to be loaded with 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington rounds. Working from the ground up, they were able to come up with some interesting design changes.

To begin with, they removed the magazine's floorplate, making it possible to clean the magazine without disassembly and preventing any potential instances of having the floorplate catch as you handle it. Next, the internal shape was designed to give a 100% success rate, ensuring a smooth feed in your favorite weapon. Externally, they used a new state of the art polymer, which was designed to stand up to elements that would destroy other magazines, allowing for a life-long option that would endure. Available with 20 and 30 round capacities, these excellent magazines are just what you need to perform in the field.

Try the ACB-4 Bipod

Since this M-16/M-4 platform is so popular for military and tactical use, TangoDown also wanted to develop other parts to ensure shooters could get the best performance. Among these, the ACB-4 bipod was designed to add a longer-range capability to your rifle without too much extra weight. Featuring a low-profile, snag-free design, the tripod will mount on an Mil-STD 1913 rail and the legs fold closely to the weapon for the perfect design.

The bipod is built using 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, which helps achieve that lightweight design without sacrificing quality. Using adjustable, impact-resistant polymer legs, it provides you with the stability you need while taking those longer shots. With its modern design and strong construction, it provides a great asset for the modern operator who might need to switch between close range combat and long-range shots during the same mission, giving you the versatility you need to succeed.

TangoDown Items for the SCAR

When the SCAR was introduced to the shooting community, it received almost immediate attention. Over the years, that popularity has continued to grow and realizing that popularity TangoDown looked to provide some parts to make the shooting experience even better. This includes a variety of little parts as well as more major accessories.

Among these, the Angled Charging Handle is a popular option. It replaces the factory charging handle easily enough and the angled design provides easier access in the field. Since it is crafted from 4340 steel and heat treated for additional hardness, it provides a durable replacement that will make your tactical operations that much easier. While you are at it, you might also grab the BG-17 Battlegrip. It offers an injection molded polymer that will stand up to the elements and features a compartment for storage of small items, such as batteries. The non-slip texture makes it ideal for tactical shooters and it can actually be fitted on a variety of battle rifles.

The iO Optics Cover and Other Gear

Finally, TangoDown also offers the iO Cover, a simple optics cover platform built for the Aimpoint T-1, H-1, or R-1 optics system. As this is a popular option for the tactical operator, this optics cover is a great choice to consider. It helps to keep your lens clear and protected, even when you are in harsh environments. It is made from a durable thermoplastic polyurethane, which will resist solvents, oil, and UV exposure, offering superior optics protection. This is just one of the other options available from TangoDown.

Whether it is something covered here or another piece of equipment you might need, Omaha Outdoors is here to ensure you have the best shopping experience available online today. Simply browse through the options below and use the handy sorting features to help you find what you need. If you have any questions, please pick up the phone and call us directly. Either way, place your order with confidence. We are here to help, and look forward to sending your new TangoDown gear quickly.

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