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For so many years, shooting was about one thing: putting holes in your target. No matter what you used a gun for, the end result was always the same. Today, technology has opened up the playing field in such a way that more and more companies are able to offer a great product, which means quality weapons are more readily available. More and more often today, people are finding that it is not the quality that sells the gun, but rather the uniqueness. People want to be different and they want a firearm that shows off their own unique personality. Contrary to what the name might suggest, Tactical Solutions has carved itself a place in the industry by providing exactly that.

At Omaha Outdoors, we understand what it takes to have a weapon that really shows off your personality. This is why we do our best to work with Tactical Solutions and keep a variety of their products in stock and ready to ship. If you find that the item you want is not in stock or you have questions about any of the items you do see, please feel free to contact us directly. Most of all, we understand that customer service is important, which is why we always put our best foot forward to provide it.

Tactical Solutions: Starting with A Single Idea

Back in 2002 when the 2 founders of Tactical Solutions began pitching their first product design, they had no idea that there would be such a high demand. With nothing but their signature Pac-Lites to offer, these owners quickly found that the demand for their product was high and as sales flowed in their creativity continued to flourish. From just one single product, they began coming up with newer innovations and found that the firearms community was more than happy to welcome them. Now, over a decade later, the company continues to grow and develop new products to keep the community on its toes.

Starting with the Pac-Lite

Available in either 4.5” or 6” configurations, the Pac-Lite is designed to upgrade either your Ruger MK series or 22/45 pistol. It is made from ultra-light and super tough aluminum, providing for a better alternative to the factory option. Beyond the improved balance and accuracy of the weapon, it also provides a distinct look as it comes in a variety of colors. And of course, each model comes drilled and tapped to accept Pac-Lite scopes.

The Trail-Lite Barrel Change

Like the original Pac-Lite system, the Trail-Lite is intended as a factory replacement barrel to give your weapon some more personality. This time it works with the Browning Buck Mark and gives you the option of a 4” or 5.5” threaded barrel. Like the Pac-Lite, it is made using a high-strength low-weight aluminum, which provides a superior shooting experience. Shooters who upgrade to this barrel experience greater accuracy, better balance, and a lighter carry weight. Perhaps as important, this also offers the color selection, which lets you find the right fit for your personality.

Try a .22 Conversion Pistol Kit

One of the most popular conversions kits manufactured by Tactical Solutions is for one of the most popular pistols: the Glock. With options for either the Glock 19/23 or the 17/22, these conversion kits are designed to be the ultimate solution to target practice. Without any gunsmithing required, you can simply replace your factory slide and barrel with the conversion system. In turn, you can save money at the range while still getting a similar weight and feel.

If you train with a 1911 instead, the 2211 conversion kit is the way to go. This comes available with a standard rail or with a combo rail. In either case, the kit will offer a seamless transition on either your Commander or Government length weapon.

Rifle Parts and Accessories to Consider

Of course, pistols are not the only thing that Tactical Solutions works with. They also offer the X-Ring barrel, which provides a perfect fit on your 10/22 rifle and not only improves the performance but also gives it that unique look. After replacing the barrel, you might also consider working with the TacSol trigger group, which will further enhance your performance in the field. While you are at it, you might also pick up a X-Ring 10/22 Receiver.

The X-Ring Complete Rifle

Since they make all of the necessary parts, it makes sense that they would also offer a complete rifle for sale. If you are looking to add a .22 to your collection, rather than just buy the parts you could instead opt to purchase the complete rifle. With accurate and reliable performance, this option is sure to please.

Sound Suppressors and Other Components

As they continue to expand their offerings, this is only a small sampling of the many products that Tactical Solutions has to offer. Among those products, they have begun offering a couple of difference suppressors that you can add to your collection. The Cascade is the perfect option for a .22 LR, offering a familiar form and performance you can rely on to keep the weapon quiet. Alternatively, the Axiom offers a more versatile offering. It can be used with a variety of these small rimfire calibers and offers great noise reduction. More importantly, it is exceptionally easy to clean.

Whether you want to get one of these customized parts, buy a new suppressor, or simply pick up one of their other accessories, Omaha Outdoors is here to help. Our storefront has been conveniently organized to ensure you can get the items you need with the service you deserve. To ensure this, our customer service team is more than willing to help with your purchase.

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