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Some shooters look at firearms simply as a tool and when they look to purchase a new gun they only look for those that can help fulfill a practical purpose. Others search for the tools they need but they also enjoy picking up something for recreation to use at the range or simply to display at home. No matter what type of shooter you might be, you aren’t likely to find that one or two guns do the trick. Instead, you need to be able to find the full variety of weapons you need at the right price. If you want to have this selection at your fingertips, Tactical Innovations is a great company to look at.

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we keep a wide selection of Tactical Innovations products in stock and ready to ship. This helps us ensure you are able to find this variety you need and get all your shopping done in one place. Our mission is to support your mission by becoming your number one online destination for all firearm related purchases. To accomplish this, we offer some of the fastest shipping times and best service in the industry. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Otherwise, enjoy the options you can find right here.

Serving All Variety of Shooters

Since 1994, Tactical Innovations, Inc. has worked to supply shooters with the products they need for the best shooting experience. Serving hunters, target shoots, security and safety professionals, and perhaps most notably the enthusiasts, they offer a variety of great items that will keep you on target. As a licensed firearms manufacturer, they are able to produce many of the traditional shooting staples as well as some more unique products designed to spruce up your time at the range. Whatever you might need, you can be sure their headquarters is Bonners Ferry, Idaho can get it done with the quality manufacturing you need.

AR-15 Parts to Build Your Own Rifle

One of the most popular weapon platforms today, the AR-15 is perhaps the most commonly produced rifle available out there. To set itself apart from the competition, Tactical Innovations looks to offer shooters an affordable and reliable option that can really put up with the stresses of regular use. Of course, just because the company offers these rifles at a low cost does not mean that they sacrifice in quality. In fact, one of the biggest promises they make is to the quality of their rifles.

This can be seen in both the upper and lowers, which use 7075-T6 aluminum instead of the less expensive 6061 aluminum. Though some argue it is just as effectively, they don’t take any chances. Beyond using this high grade material, the parts of CNC machined from USA materials and labor, ensuring you get the highest quality construction quality. These lowers and uppers both come available stripped or with all the parts you need.

Of course, if you buy a complete upper you won’t need the other components, but the company does offer a variety of great barrel options to ensure you get the right fit. They work with only the highest quality materials and offer a fluted option for those who need some extra heat dissipation. Either way, the barrel uses a 1:9 twist to provide great accuracy in the field or at the range. Additionally, their bolt carrier assembly features a nitride coating to ensure you get the best lifespan and superior performance.

Tactical Innovations Custom Pistols

Building around the popular 10/22 rifle platform, Tactical Innovations is able to produce a high quality “off-hand” .22 pistol that will give you the performance you need with the high quality parts you look for. Like their AR-15 designs, they use only the highest quality parts to achieve the greatest construction quality. This starts with a billet CNC machined receiver to produce a precision working tool. Offering ambidextrous operation with a stainless steel charging handle, The Cohort allows anyone to work around the design and enjoy their shooting experience. It uses a laminate wood stock to provide a great look and a comfortable feel. Alternatively, the Rebel a slightly different experience, including a picatinny rail for accessories.

Caliber Conversion Kits for Your Guns

Though shooting a .22 can be enjoyable, some prefer to get more practical training with their weapons. When this is the case, you might instead consider one of the conversion kits manufactured by Tactical Innovations. The two weapon systems they work with are the AR-15 and the Sig Sauer P226. Naturally, the AR-15 offers a simple, tool-free installation to ensure you can quickly convert the operation to use .22 LR ammo. All you do is remove the .223 bolt and replace it with the .22 LR conversion kit. From there, simply load your new magazines and enjoy the less expensive range trip.

In addition to this, the P226 conversion kit is built to work with any of the caliber options, including .357, 9mm, and .40 S&W. Like the AR conversion kit, this offers a simple installation process. After field stripping your pistol, simply install this conversion kit in place of the original parts. The 10 round magazine will let you train with .22 ammo while staying familiar with your gun. Not only will this save you money, but training with the same weapon as you would normally use can be a great way to ensure you are prepared.

Specialized Product To Consider

Beyond these basic shooting supplies, Tactical Innovations also looks to offer gun enthusiasts some more unique weapon options. One excellent example of this is their Gatling Gun Kit. Built to be used with 2 Ruger 10/22 rifles, this conversion kit allows you to get the feel of an old crank action gatling gun at a price you can actually afford to spend. Made from CNC machined parts, it comes with everything you need and offers 4 rounds per crank revolution, it can lead to plenty of fun in the field.

Magazines and Other Necessary Parts

Of course, no firearm purchase would be complete if you did not pick up those extra parts you need to ensure your shooting success. Naturally, Tactical Innovations produces high quality magazines designed specifically for their weapons. In some cases, they even offer variety outside of their own products, allowing you to get exactly what you need. In addition to magazines, they also offer a variety of other parts, such as replacement AR components, cleaning supplies, and many of the other shooting staples you need for success at the range.

Regardless of what type of firearm you are looking to buy, Omaha Outdoors is here to help. Simply use the handy search bar to find the exact item you might need or use the sorting features to the left to help you decide on exactly what fits your needs. Whatever the case might be, we do our best to make it easy for you to find all the items you could ask for. If you have questions, please pick up the phone and give us a call. Otherwise, make your selection and enjoy.
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