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Even after getting your battle rifle ready and outfitting your pistol for the mission ahead, it is important that you account for all the gear you might need on your next assignment. Some companies offer a variety of support gear, giving you the bags, harnasses, and holsters you need. Of course, after you get this gear in order there is still one other category you have to account for. When you need to pick up the lights, muzzle devices, and other tactical gear, Surefire may be the company you are looking for. With a long history of quality products, they have something for everyone.

As an authorized dealer for this long-standing company, Omaha Outdoors works to ensure that you always get the best service when you order the gear you need. With Surefire’s reputation for excellence in the industry, we offer a variety of great accessories available, including muzzle brakes, flashlights, and other tactical gear. We do our best to keep these items in stock, helping to ensure you get the fastest shipping times available in the industry today. More importantly, our customer service team understands your needs so if you have any questions please contact us directly. Otherwise, enjoy your new Surefire products.

Built As a Proud American Company

Established in 1979, SureFire, LLC has been proudly working to provide shooters around the world with the best tactical solutions to ensure their firearms were always ready for the job at hand. Working out of their headquarters in Fountain Valley, California, the company is best known for producing top quality lighting solutions. From tactical lighting options to muzzle breaks and flash hiders, they produce only the top quality gears that shooters can really count on when it matters. If you want to make sure you are prepared for your next tactical mission, this is the company to check out.

Sure Tactical Weapon Lights

One of the more notable products is the weapon lights offered, which feature long battery life and great illumination when you need it. Among these weapon lights, the Surefire Scout series is one of the most popular options. The scout series features a mil-spec construction that is built for durability. Its O-ring seal features a tailcap with weatherproof switch socket to ensure you have something that will last. Users can choose between a tape-switch to activate the light or a pushbutton switch, whichever best fits the situation. Of course, there are many other Surefire tactical lights available online.

The M500L is another great tactical light to consider. It has a tactical runtime of 3 hours while on its highest setting, which should serve you well in any tactical encounter. The X300V is another great option for those who want performance. Since it is outfitted for pistols, it is more compact than the M500L and thus features a shorter runtime of only 1.8 hours. Since it only weighs 3 ounces with batteries, it still makes for an excellent option.

For those who want the best in performance, the X400 Ultra is another great option to consider. Though the runtime is only 1.5 hours, most users should find this is more than enough, assuming you check your gear before a tactical encounter. It weighs in at 4.9 ounces, but since it includes a laser sight with the flashlight it gives shooters a much more versatile option when the situation to use it arises.

A Flashlight for Any Occasion

Of course, Surefire is also well-known for its great flashlights. Among those products, the G2X at Omaha Outdoors is a great option. It features an output of 320 lumens and a runtime of 2.5 continuous hours. It accepts 2 123A batteries and fits comfortably in the palm of your hands. If you’re looking for something with more options, the P2X Fury is an excellent choice. It can put out 500 lumens for 1.5 hours or 15 lumens for up to 46 hours. This versatile light is a bit heavier, but still offers reliable performance when it counts.

If these aren’t what you need, perhaps you would rather look at one of their innovative and helpful wrist lights. The 2211 WristLight is one of their most popular options. Worn easily on your wrist, this variable output rechargeable LED flashlight will put out 15, 60, or 200 lumens, depending on what you need. On its highest setting it will go for 1.25 hours and considering the fact that it is rechargeable this should be perfect as long as you remember to charge it before using.

Top off Your Barrel with a Muzzle Device

Surefire also offers a variety of muzzle devices to make shooting on assignment easier. Their 3P Eliminator Flash Hinder does a great job of diminishing the muzzle flash on your battle rifle. Alternatively, the ProComp Muzzle Brake cuts back on felt recoil and improves muzzle control. If you prefer something that can be used with a suppressor, you should instead consider one of the SOCOM series of muzzle devices. As the names suggest, the Flash Hinder will do a great job of lowering your muzzle profile while the Muzzle Brake will help decrease the recoil. Whichever you choose, you can use these devices to later attach a silencer from Surefire.

Shop for Silencers and Suppressors

Shoppers at Omaha Outdoors will also find it easy to buy Surefire silencers online, which feature a light-weight design and durable performance you can count on. These sound suppressors are made in various calibers, and all of them will help you to reduce the recoil felt as well as the decibel level as you fire. Whether you are just looking to make an impression at the range or hoping to get more competitive with your accuracy, they make a great option.

Their SOCOM 2 Sound Suppressor is one of the most popular options available, offered as a great solution for your 5.56 NATO rifle and greatly diminishing recoil and noise. Alternatively, the Gensis Suppressor system is developed for subsonic and supersonic ammunition, offering a specialized solution when you need it. For your favorite pistol, you might select the SF Syder suppression system. This comes available in either .22 LR or 9mm, allowing you to get one for both your target pistol and your tactical weapon.

Other Surefire Products You Can Count On

Of course, Omaha Outdoors offers you more than just the basics. For example, you might need to pick up some extra batteries for your new Surefire flashlight or perhaps you need some picatinny accessories to help ensure your success in the field. Whatever you need, you can easily find it online. Surefire also produces a variety of other items, including tactical pens, hearing protection, and specialized sights to use with your tactical weapon.

Regardless of what product you might be looking for, Omaha Outdoors is organized with your needs in mind. Whether you need to find Surefire flashlights for sale or any other firearm accessory, you can find it all in one convenient place. If you don’t see what you need or you have questions about the items you do see, please pick up the phone and call us directly. We look forward to helping you get all your tactical gear in order for the next assignment.

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