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Of all the Springfield Armory firearms at Omaha Outdoors, you're probably most familiar with the Springfield Armory 1911 for sale, or perhaps the XD / XDM / XDS series of polymer frame striker fired pistols. You may not know that their online catalog is much deeper, although there's plenty to talk about with their 1911s and the XD line.

Springfield Armory Firearms For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Springfield Armory has been making 1911s for decades, and it's safe to say they know what they're doing when it comes to this legendary firearm. They offer basic Mil-Spec versions with few amenities but a lot of style, Range Officer models with options from mild to wild, Loaded pistols with plenty of upgrades, and the TRP and TRP Operator Model meant for serious duty use. Buying a Springfield Armory XDS is a solid choice from a respected name and you're not likely to regret the decision, especially since, as an authorized Springfield Armory direct dealer, we can offer the best Springfield Armory online prices.

The M1A rifle from Springfield Armory is an opportunity to connect with your roots as an American while also carrying a hefty rifle which demands attention to achieve the outstanding accuracy for which it's known. Whether you want a tactical M1A like the SOCOM 16 or a competition ready version like the National Match M1A, Springfield Armory has plenty of M1As to offer.

The XD series from Springfield Armory initially came as a surprise, because this company built on classic pieces of Americana like the 1911 and the M1A / M14 was suddenly importing polymer frame striker fired pistols from some country bordering Italy. Blasphemy! Or was it? The XD was soon recognized as being quite American in concept as a simple and reliable tool many found useful for carry or competition use. It has since been joined by pistols of the XD Mod 2, XDM, XDS, and XDE series, offering smaller and larger versions of the pistol for a variety of needs, including single stack models which have proven very popular among CCW permit holders.

Plus, there's something called the Saint…

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