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Though many of the newer firearm manufacturers need to find a special niche if they hope to compete with longtime giants, some of them are able to bring about innovations of their own, offering a unique new spin on the industry. When those companies are able to accomplish this, they often become icons themselves, standing out with some of the world's greatest options. When it comes to accomplishing this feat, Springfield Armory does it in spades.

At Omaha Outdoors, we have Springfield rifles, 1911's, XD, XDS XDM, and accessories in stock and ready to ship. Our goal is to become your number one online destination for all things Springfield, which is why we promise to give you the quickest shipping times in the industry. Our dedicated team is here when you have questions, so feel free to call us and see how we can help you get the firearm you've been looking for. The only way we accomplish our goal is by ensuring that you find exactly what you need.

About Springfield Armory

Established in 1974, Springfield Armory is a private company based out of Genesseo, Illinois. Though the company started out exclusively manufacturing M14 rifles it slowly began to expand to other endeavors and when it changed ownership to Dennis and Tom Reese, it began to offer a wide variety of different firearms. The company takes pride in its name, holding onto the slogan "The first name in American firearms," as a reference to the old Springfield Armory established by George Washington so many years ago and closed in 1968.

Springfield Latest Releases

One of the latest developments to come from Springfield is the XD MOD.2. This new generation of XD sub-compact pistols takes all of the features users loved from the original and refined them to make the weapon even more manageable. It is not only easier to conceal, but it is also more comfortable to wield and even easier to simply point and shoot when a threat presents itself.

This weapon comes available in 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP, with a 3" barrel on the first two and a 3.3" option on the .45 ACP. It uses the grip safety and trigger safety that you might already be familiar with and combines this with precision engineering to deliver an accurate and reliable concealed carry handgun. Next, it offers a re-contoured, slimmer frame, which works with the new GripZone™ technology to offer an innovative solution. This new grip technology uses three different surface textures and a layout that ensures a more comfortable and secure hold.

For those who want a full-sized weapon with a more aggressive style, another new option to consider is the 1911 MC Operator. This new 1911 comes out with an integrated accessory rail to ensure you can outfit the weapon based on the job at hand. It uses a 5" stainless steel match grade barrel and low profile combat sights with 3 dot tritium. Its forged steel construction is coated using the proprietary Armory Kote finish, which protects the metal from normal wear and tear. It offers G-10 grips and an ambidextrous safety to ensure that anyone can comfortably operate the weapon.

Springfield Pistols For Sale

Of course, Springfield has a whole array of other quality pistols to offer as well. They have a wide variety of 1911 model pistols, each intended for a different purpose. The Mil-Spec model is one of the most popular, going with original design standards to create a weapon that most closely resembles the original 1911 model. The Range Officer model is another great option, integrating match-grade performance and range features to offer a competition-ready pistol. The Range Officer Compact and Range Officer Champion models are also an option to consider for compact carry. And this is just a few of the great 1911 options available.

The XD is perhaps one of the best-known lines from Springfield. It uses a polymer frame design, trigger and grip safeties, and a unique construction to provide a reliable and accurate platform. Users can select between 3" sub-compact models, 4" compact service models, and 5" tactical models. Calibers range from 9mm to .40 S&W, .357 Sig, and .45 ACP.

After realizing the success of the XD, Springfield moved forward with the XDM a few years later. This lineup sticks to the core calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP and offers a similar layout. It uses a 3.8" compact model, 4.5" full-sized model, and a 5.25" competition model. Its more aggressive frame makes for an excellent defense option. Finally, the XDS offers single stack carry in 9mm or .45 ACP with a 3.3" and 4" model available.

Springfield Rifles For Sale

The primary option for Springfield rifles is the M1A, which has three major configurations. The Loaded configuration is one of the most popular, offering a lower-price alternative to a traditional competition rifle. It uses a competition-ready trigger and a match grade barrel, but sticks to more basic features to keep the weapon affordable. If you want a fully match-ready option, the Super Match is the way to go, offering a 1:10 twist and a ½ MOA adjustable sight for precision accuracy. Other options include: SOCOM 16 Model, M1A Scout Squad Model, Standard Model, and National Match M1A Model.

Springfield Accessories

Naturally, we also carry a variety of great accessories at Omaha Outdoors to ensure your Springfield products are complete. We have all variety of mags for their XD series, rifles, and 1911s to ensure you always are able to have enough ammo at the ready. You can also find backstraps to adjust your weapon grip and make it easier to fit in your hand or mag extenders to make those smaller-framed pistols easier to manage. For storage, you can check out the various hard gun cases available and this is just the start of what you can expect.

When you are looking to get your next Springfield firearm, there is no better place to check than Omaha Outdoors. We not only carry the widest selection of products, but we also work to offer the absolute best and most personalized service available online today. Thanks to our innovative storefront, you can easily sort the options to narrow down your results and just look at what interests you. From the weapons themselves to the many accessories, you should never have trouble finding what you need.

Once you are ready to order you next Springfield firearm, please feel free to call us directly. We look forward to helping you get the gun you've been searching for.

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