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Whether for competition, recreation, or tactical use, there are few weapons that are more versatile and useful than a good AR-15 battle rifle. For many decades now, this design has been trusted by the military and law enforcement professionals for its ease of use and reliable design. Of course, today’s technology has made it possible to create some of the most accurate and high-performing models ever, allowing shooting to fire more rounds with great accuracy, all without worrying as much about cleaning. On the other hand, it has also opened up the door for more cost-effective models, still offering unbeatable performance but at a lower price. When you want the latter, Spike’s Tactical is where you go.

Understanding that not every shooter has a big savings account to spend on guns and ammo, Omaha Outdoors makes sure to keep a variety of Spike’s Tactical rifles and shooting accessories in stock. These rifles offer a great value, coming at a lower price point than many competitors while still providing the top quality you have come to rely on. Of course, if you have any questions about these rifles or can’t find what you need, please call us directly. Otherwise, enjoy your shopping experience.

Built For Shooters By Shooters

Operating out of Apopka, Florida, Spike’s Tactical, LLC has worked since the beginning to provide shooters with a great selection of AR-style guns. The company’s CEO Angela Registerr makes a simple promise about the company’s products. By sticking only to American parts and labor, the company works to supply the highest quality rifles available on the market today. Just as important, they look to offer this high quality product at the lowest possible price, ensuring that the everyday shooter can really afford to set up a new weapon. Whether you are a 3 gun shooter, law enforcement or security professional, or just enjoy shooting as a pastime, you can always rely on the quality of these fire weapons.

Complete Rifles at the Right Price

Like any other modern manufacturer, Spike’s Tactical makes a variety of different rifles, starting with more basic configurations and then including those packed with a variety of more helpful features. To get an idea of their approach on rifles, you might want to consider a couple of their simpler models. The ST-15 Mid-Length LE Rifle is a perfect example of their commitment to value. It features a 16” mil-spec barrel with a 1:7 twist. This is topped off with a standard A2 flash hinder to help reduce the muzzle profile. Operating on a mid-length gas system, it provides a reliable action in the field.

This basic rifle comes standard with F-marked A2 front sights and a Magpul MBUS rear sight. It works with a ST-T2 tungsten buffer for great weapon control and uses a ST M4 stock. The mil-spec M-16 style bolt carrier designed by Spike’s Tactical provides a high level of performance that you can trust to work, even after shooting many rounds through the weapon.

Another basic model is the ST-15 M4 LE Carbine. Using the same 16” precision barrel as the mid-length rifle, this instead works on a carbine length gas system. It uses M4 double heat shield hand guards to keep your hands protected during periods of heavy use and comes ready to deliver with the performance you need in the field. Remember, these are just the base level rifles, and many other options are offered if you want something with more advanced features.

AR-Style Pistols for the Modern Operator

For those who need something smaller, you may want to consider an AR-style pistol instead. The ST-15 LE Pistol is designed to have the same quality build as the full length rifles but is built with smaller features to ensure easier movement during tactical operations. Featuring an 8.1” barrel topped with an A2 flash hinder, this smaller 5.56 NATO platform is built using the same quality M16 BCG. It offers a pistol buffer tube and uses Magpul MBUS front and rear sights. Since it is classified as a pistol, you avoid the paperwork associated with a normal short barrel rifle.

Uppers, Lowers, and Barrels to Build Your Own

Of course, one of the things that really sets the AR platform apart from other rifles is that many shooters prefer to build their own rifle. By using mil-spec parts, they are able to buy the components they want from who they want and oftentimes save money over buying the completed rifle. More importantly, there is a certain level of satisfaction that comes from building your own AR. To help with this, Spike’s Tactical offers uppers, lowers, and barrels sold separately to help with your build.

If you select a complete upper, you will get everything you need, including many of the rail accessories and the barrel. This comes with 14.5” options, 16” options, and a variety of other choices. Alternatively, you might select a stripped upper to allow you to build something even more customized. If you go this route, you can choice between a variety of barrel options. They offer standard 16”, 18”, 11.5”, 14.5” and a variety of other lengths. In addition to this, you might select a cold hammer forged barrel for a higher quality performance level.

After you get the upper figured out, you can also choose between a variety of lowers. You can get a simple or stripped lower to work from the ground up or you can select a more specialized model if you prefer. One example of this is the Punisher series lower offered by Spike’s Tactical. This model replaces the standard logo with The Punisher skull, giving your rifle a more unique and intimidating look. Also, the Hellbreaker is a popular option, inspired by the Warhawk WWII plane and providing a shark mouth on the magwell.

All the Parts and Accessories You Will Ever Need

As with any other rifle manufacturer out there today, Spike’s Tactical does more than just sell the major rifle components. Instead, they look to provide a complete solution, giving you the best value by offering all in-house parts for your shooting experience. With this in mind, they make all variety of accessories and parts that you might need. This includes major components like handguards, rail systems, grips, stocks, magazines, etc.

Naturally, it also includes a variety of smaller parts as well. Perhaps you just need a replacement spring kit for when it comes time for more intensive maintenance. Alternatively, you might be looking for a sling so you can better carry your rifle into a tactical situation. If you built your own AR, you might also need to grab a muzzle device, such as the Barking Spider 2. This new muzzle device manufactured by Spike’s works exceptionally well on short barreled rifles.

Whatever you might need, remember that Omaha Outdoors is here for you to ensure you get the best shopping experience. If you have any questions, please pick up the phone and contact us directly. If not, simply browse through the vast selection and pick out the items you need. When you order through us, you can order with confidence.

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