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Find your next Sig Sauer for sale at Omaha Outdoors. Sig Sauer is a name synonymous with quality and functional design, whether it is the Sig P320X5 or a reliable classic like the P226. Sig’s expansion into the rifle and carbine market with the MCX and MPX 9mm carbine has resulted in explosive successes both in the civilian and military markets.

Swiss Born, American Raised

With roots in Switzerland and an established manufacturing base in Germany, the latest news from Sig is their commitment to expanding manufacturing in America. The ultimate Sig handgun - some might say it’s simply the ultimate handgun - is the P210, long assembled and hand fitted by master gunsmiths at the Sig Master Shop in Eckernförde, Germany. Now Sig Sauer will be moving some production of the P210 to the US, alongside the P320 X5 and P320 RX, the latter of which features an integrated Romeo red dot sight.

Sig Sauer X-Five handguns have always been assembled and fitted in the same room by the same gunsmiths as the P210, and that proud tradition is sure to carry on with the new US-made P320 X-Five. Featuring a removable weight for tuning the recoil of the pistol, a beavertail, extended slide release, flat trigger, lightened slide, removable rear sight plate for mounting optics, and high visibility sights, it’s sure to become a competition shooter’s best friend.

A Sig for Every Occasion

Of course, big handguns are great for duty, target shooting, or competition, but few people can conceal a P210 or P226 X-Five on a regular basis. For that task, Sig offers the P238 PSP or P229 for concealed carry, among others. There are also the P938 Edge and Spartan. The 238 and 938 appear similar, but have some important differences. Most obvious is that the P238 is a 380 ACP handgun and the P938 is a 9mm handgun, but the increased size and weight of the P938 make it slightly less concealable than the P238. However, some might find the P938 easier to shoot despite its increased firepower as a result of the slightly larger grip allowing more control between shots. The P229 is a compact version of the venerable P226, giving greatly increased capacity over the P238 or P938 at the expense of further size and weight increases.

For those who floor the gas pedal of their Dodge Viper while yelling “POWERRRRRR,” Sig Sauer offers the P220 Stainless Elite 10mm SAO. Custom gun builders and gunsmiths had long offered a 45 ACP to 10MM Auto conversion process for the P220, and Sig took notice, offering the pistol in 10mm as a factory option. The SAO or Single Action Only version gives a trigger pull rivaling the 1911 in quality but with the reliability and reduced maintenance requirements of a Sig. Other pistols are available with the SAO feature as opposed to the traditional Sig double action / single action, such as the Sig Sauer P226 Legion SAO.

Sig Sauer Isn't Just Handguns Any More

Sig’s MCX carbine, a decidedly different take on the AR15 in a sea of “game changers,” allows a simple and robust folding stock along with gas piston operation and a relocated recoil spring assembly for increased compatibility with silencers. The MPX offers law enforcement and Tier 1 military units something they had been wanting for a long time: a pistol caliber carbine with subsonic shooting capability that had the same controls and feel as the AR / M4 platform rifle. Thus, a shooter can go from his medium range DMR to a room clearing SMG and not worry about missing the mag release or another such simple but potentially fatal mistake. If the MPX’s stock 30 round magazine doesn’t hold enough pew pew for you, there are magazine base pad extensions by Taran Tactical.

Whatever your firearm needs, Sig Sauer likely has an answer, and Omaha Outdoors has it in stock and ready to ship.

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