Silencers For Sale

Looking for the perfect suppressor for sale to match your rifle or handgun? You're not alone. The use of suppressors, also known as silencers, is becoming more widespread than ever before. Once only thought of as a tool found on military weapons or in the movies attached to the end of the bad guy's gun, suppressors have become more and more popular with hunters and shooters who value accuracy, hearing protection, and, frankly, their right to own one. Currently, hunters and shooters in 39 states have the legal right to possess and use a silencer.

So how do rifle silencers work? A suppressor works by reducing the sound produced by gases that escape from the muzzle during a shot. As these gases build up behind the bullet on its way down the barrel, the pressure created literally explodes outward once the bullet sees daylight. Suppressors aim to reduce this explosion of gas and sound by reducing the amount of gases released or by slowing their expulsion as much as possible while giving them time to cool, resulting in a greatly reduced report.

Suppressors use "baffles" to divert and slow muzzle gases down as they travel along the barrel. Think of baffles as little fences partially blocking the straight-line travel of the gas. There are many different theories as to which baffle design works the best; M, K, Z, monolithic core, and Omega are the most popular, but companies are constantly experimenting with various designs and construction methods, pushing the envelope and creating silencers that dissipate more and more sound with every passing technological advance. While complete noise elimination is an impossibility due to the laws of physics, today's suppressors are able to offer the closest experience to it.

In addition to reduced muzzle noise, suppressors are also able to reduce or eliminate muzzle flash, or that burst of flame that exits the barrel along with the combustible gases produced during firing. Recoil is also reduced when a suppressor is used, since the amount of gun movement is directly related to the amount of pressure leaving the barrel after the trigger is pulled. Having less recoil as well as less noise means you'll get back on target quicker after a shot, and knowing in advance that you'll experience less kick when you take the shot provides an added psychological edge, reducing the likelihood of the dreaded flinch. What's even nicer is that many suppressors are available today that require no modification or mounting hardware to install on your firearm. With all these benefits that come with suppressor use, what shooter or hunter wouldn't want one?

So who is breaking new ground in the field of suppressors? Companies such as Advanced Armament Corporation, Gemtech, Knights Armament Company, SilencerCo, Surefire, and Yankee Hill Machine, to name a few. Omaha Outdoors is proud to offer a robust line of products from each of these respected shops. These businesses have devoted extensive resources to engineering the best suppressors money can buy and each offers products to suit your specific need, whether it be law enforcement, military, home protection, or hearing protection. Their silencers are machined to perfection, coated to be near impenetrable to the forces of nature, and balanced to eliminate interference with normal gun cycling.

Once you buy a silencer online from Omaha Outdoors, the journey doesn't end there. As you browse, you'll also find suppressors for AR-15 rifles, pistol silencers for sale, and silencer accessories. We've gone to great lengths to make sure our product lines represent the very best the top companies have to offer.

Before you shop for a suppressor, it's important to understand how to get a suppressor legally. Before buying any silencer, buyers typically undergo a fingerprint card background check by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and must purchase a $200 tax stamp. When registering for your stamp, you'll also have the option to register your suppressor under a trust or corporation if you don't want to register it yourself. Registering under an entity other than yourself eliminates the need for fingerprint cards, but may take longer than registering yourself. And as always, before you shop for any suppressor, make sure to check the specific regulations in your area, as state and federal laws will apply.

So click through and browse, find suppressors for sale that suits your weapon, and see why Omaha Outdoors is committed to making sure you're getting everything you need and more than you expect.