Optics For Sale

After your rifle, handgun, or shotgun and the ammo that goes with each, probably the next most important piece of hunting equipment you will ever own will be your optics. Good optics are essential to hunting success no matter where you're pursuing big game; therefore, finding quality optics for sale is a matter of extreme importance. Finding good rifle scopes for sale is often an equally challenging hunt.

Start with binoculars. Whether you're hunting close range through the thick forests of the Northeast, the vast expanses of the West or anywhere in between, your optics will be the tool that evens the playing field between you and animals that can smell you coming from half a mile and see you coming from four times that distance. Game such as mule deer, antelope and elk almost can't be hunted without a pair of quality binoculars. You'll want to find a set that combines a spacious field of view with magnification that gives you the details you want without mirage effects or eye strain.

And even though close range big game hunting for animals such as whitetail and blacktail deer doesn't usually occur at the same distances that western big game animals are typically found at, the dense cover and low light conditions of this kind of hunting still demand good binoculars with superior light gathering capabilities, as well as quality lenses that provide laser-sharp definition, allowing you to separate antlers and ears from branches and leaves.

Rangefinders are also necessary for long range hunting to determine antler size and to aid in planning stalking routes. The best models offer comfortable eye relief, a good combination of zoom and field of view, and excellent light-gathering lenses for usage during the optimal glassing times at dawn and dusk. A good tripod is also vital for stability and reduced eye strain during extended glassing sessions.

And so you've glassed up a trophy, sized him up through your rangefinder and stalked a path to within range of a shot. Now it's time for your riflescope to do its job. Today's rifle scopes have the option of multiplex and Mil-Dot reticles for easy viewing in dense cover and low light and also to gauge holdover for long-range shooting. Many quality rifle scopes also have zoom adjustments for precise viewing of the vital area of your trophy prior to the shot.

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And in addition to optics, Omaha Outdoors also carries specialized items like .22 rimfire rifle scopes, red dot scopes and red dot sights for sale, as well as accessories like scope rings and mounts from the same quality brands listed above. And we're committed to making sure your optics are always safe, secure, and ready to perform. It's never been easier to buy rifle optics online, and our customer service professionals are standing by waiting to advise you on every aspect of your new optics, from usage tips to what tools are used by a gunsmith for installation.

If you're looking for optics for sale, you want to be able to shop options from the best firearm brands with the best features at prices that make sense. No matter which way you see it, Omaha Outdoors has what you need. Your new optics are inside... so what are you waiting for?