Piston Systems For Sale

Though some shooters are still on the fence about them, many AR-15 enthusiasts have turned to a gas piston system to adjust their rifle. Like every other aspect of an AR-15, there are so many different ways to customize this system and set up the ideal shooting platform. If you need to find an AR-15 gas piston conversion system for sale, Omaha Outdoors has the variety and tools you need to get started.

When looking to compare a direct gas system vs piston system, many AR-15 owners have disagreed about the adjustments. Traditionally, an AR-15 works using a direct impingement system, where the gas travels through a small hole, is channeled into a tube and impinges the bolt carrier mechanism. The gas is then pushed towards the rifle's rear and the spent case is ejected. The spring action in the rifle then pushes forward, loading the next cartridge directly into the chamber.

Despite having the same overall result, the newer gas piston systems work in a slightly different fashion. After the gas travels through the small hole, it instead is channeled to a separate cylinder. This cylinder has a piston, which is moved by the gas to push on the bolt carrier and eject the spent casing. A spring then readies the next round in a similar fashion to the more traditional system.

The advantage of a gas piston system is that it does not heat up as much as a direct impingement system. This keeps the action cool and clean, enabling shooters to fire much more rounds without worrying as much about jamming or overheating. As a result, many target shooters look to find a gas piston conversion system.

If you are looking to buy rifle gas pistol conversion kit online Omaha Outdoors carries all variety of options. Adams Arms is probably the feature brand for many shooters, but if you have a specific objective in mind there are other options available. With the conveniently sorted features and affordable prices, you can always find the right system for your AR-15.

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