Whether you are looking to build your own rifle or simply augment your latest firearm with an adjustable buttstock, it is important to understand how much difference the right design can make. A standard rifle or shotgun is designed to fit the average man, but many people do not fit this average. Rather than learning to deal with the different sizes or fit, experienced shooters understand the value of getting a buttstock that is comfortable for their shooting form. When you need to search buttstocks for sale, Omaha Outdoors offers a wide variety of options to ensure you can always find what you need.

Firearm manufacturers have perfected the manufacturing of buttstocks, offering specific stocks for specific use. If you want to find a shotgun buttstock for hunting you will look for a much different design than if you are looking to get one for tactical use from a company like Magpul. Similarly, different shooters have different individual needs when it comes to buttstocks, some opting for a lightweight minimalistic design while others prefer something that offers superior recoil reduction, like some of the more advanced options offered by Daniel Defense.

Keeping this in mind, Omaha Outdoors carries all variety of buttstocks to ensure you can build your firearm the way you want it. Whether you are looking for Magpul rifle stocks or hoping to get the latest from VLTOR or LMT, we keep everything in stock. We even carry the military spec B5 SOPMOD, as well as options from Limbsaver, and Calvary Arms.

With Omaha Outdoors’s easy search feature, it has never been easier to buy a rifle stock online. Furthermore, it is easy to find all of your AR-15 parts for sale, so those who are looking to build a rifle from the ground up can make all of their purchases in one place. Remember, a stock can make a big difference to your shooting performance, so make sure you have one that will work with you.