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When you are looking for gun parts and accessories for sale, look no further than Omaha Outdoors. After just one trip through our wide selection of gun parts and firearm accessories, you'll wonder how you ever got along without us. Real shooters understand that shooting is so much more than just nailing a target to a board or setting up some bottles, walking a few yards back and emptying a mag. It's more than watching the dust fly or the paper explode. It's even more than watching our prey drop with a squeeze of the trigger. It's the perfect mixture of machine and skill that demands respect from shooters to bystanders. It's the reverence we shooters have for our equipment and our desire for never-ending improvement. We're never satisfied until our groups are no longer measured in inches, but in minute fractions of an inch. And to accomplish this, we tinker, we tweak, and we re-invent...

That's where Omaha outdoors shines. If you're looking to upgrade your firearms, Omaha Outdoors has the best known products from top brands like Magpul, CMC Triggers, 5.11 Tactical, Hogue, Pearce Grips, VLTOR, and Noveske. Find yourself the perfect grip that blends your gun right into your hand. Pick up a set of sights that pulls your bore towards the target like a magnet. Keep a tight group and control recoil with our selection of bipods, recoil pads, and muzzle brakes. And for the long-barreled shooters out there, we also carry a wide assortment of shotgun and rifle accessories including slings, stocks, barrels, choke tubes, and more. We also have Glock accessories for sale to transform your favorite handgun into a sleek, efficient, one-of-a-kind treasure that will have the other shooters craning their necks for a glimpse.

In addition to our vast accessory line, we also offer custom AR-15 builds for those shooters who want a firearm unlike any other. Our goal at Omaha Outdoors is to give you the gun you've always dreamed about, from butt to bore, perfectly balanced, accessorized, and ready for maximum performance.

WARNING: Buying gun parts and accessories for sale can become addictive. It may even become your second favorite hobby... just behind shooting, of course. And once you start shopping, our well-trained customer service staff will be ready and waiting to answer questions, help you find just what you need, and "talk shop." That's right, we love to shoot, too. And that shared love is what makes us good at helping you find exactly what you need to create the perfect gun or build the perfect shooting gear setup. You won't find that kind of commitment at other stores -- only at Omaha Outdoors.

So start clicking and enjoy. We know you'll love our products and we'll be here for you every step of the way to make sure you keep loving them. Your next great shooting find is only a click away!

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Ammo Boxes

Any seasoned shooter can tell you how much smarter it is to keep your ammunition in ammo boxes versus the cardboard box the manufacturer sells them in. Ammo storage, be it long term or short term storage, will have better results in the plastic case where each round is held in its own hole in a tray.

Plano boxes are great for long or short-term handgun ammunition dry storage. These plastic boxes are less likely to wick up any moisture so you can be sure the bulk ammo you buy will last a long time and not be a dud when you need it. Preserving your ammunition is just as important as knowing how to use the gun that fires it.

The MTM storage boxes are great to take to the range. Loading your magazines takes less time because handling rounds from your 9mm ammo storage box are easier than dumping them out from the cardboard manufacturer box. Because the individual rounds are not bouncing around hitting each other and getting nicked or dented and improperly feeding or misfiring.

When you buy ammo boxes online, keep in mind that they are not created equally. Decide what it’s use will be storage, transporting, etc. Some boxes are more rugged than others. Sites typically list ammunition boxes for sale by caliber. Having the boxes sorted by caliber means you really only need to select how many rounds you’ll need to store. The gun ammo box may have a height adjustment and work for similarly sized rounds, especially rifle ammunition, but never mix different calibers of ammunition in the same box.

Don’t take you ammunition storage for granted. If there is a run or restriction on specific types, you will be glad what you have already bought is safe and sound and ready to be fired for fun, sport, or protection.


Gun barrels are an integral part of your gun, but an often overlooked accessory when upgrading. It’s very easy to be mesmerized looking through all of the gun parts and accessories available online. Changing the barrel can have a great effect on the rest of the gun and the shooting experience as a whole.

Depending on the brand and caliber, many times a simple swap out of a barrel and a new magazine can give you an alternate caliber option. A good example is the Glock handguns. If you have a model 30, you can buy a barrel for a 27 and convert it to shoot .40 S&W. Or if you have a 27, you can buy a barrel to shoot 9mm or 357Sig. Both Lonewolf and Storm Lake have great quality replacement barrels for several manufacturers of handguns to do just that.

An additional reason to consider a barrel change is to add muzzle accessories. A 9mm threaded barrel change, for example, would allow for a silencer to your handgun.

With the AR rifle platform, you have an almost infinite number of configurations possible when building a custom rifle. Noveske had some attractive bead blast finish barrels in various calibers with low profile gas blocks.

The barrels come in different lengths, contours, and twists. All have a lot to do with how the round travels from muzzle to target. Daniel Defense makes battle proven pre-assembled weapons or just the parts to piece your own together.

Spikes Tactical offers a lightweight 5.56 caliber barrel. It may not seem like a 14.5 inch barrel would weigh a lot, but any ounce you can shed, will make your rifle easier to carry for longer periods of time.

Omaha Outdoors has an outstanding selection of gun and rifle barrels for sale. CMMG makes a remarkable replacement rifle barrel if you’re in the market to buy 300 blackout rifle barrels online.

After learning the basics of shooting, the challenge becomes learning to shoot in different scenarios and distances. The higher quality the barrel and the ammunition, the more likely you’ll be to have a true sub moa rifle. The length and twist of the barrel play a large part in long distance marksmanship.

Charging Handles

Has your charging handle worn out its welcome? Come check out all the rifle charging handles at Omaha Outdoors. With an extensive array of rife charging handles for sale, Omaha Outdoors is the place to find what you are looking for. Although there are many different rifle platforms for us to choose from, with varying batteries of arms, one thing is common to all of them; charging handles. Something as pivotal as the very means of charging your weapon should be placed high in the pecking order of importance, but sadly most gun owners choose not to pay any mind to this most valuable of assets, even though in today’s world it is so easy to buy an AR-15 charging handle online. Whether you have an AR, AK, or another rifle platform none of them will do you any good if you cannot feed them properly. Did you know that while most M4 charging handles, appear to be the same, some offer very distinct advantages over others? The same can be said of the AR-10 charging handle, we have come a long way from the classic t shape handle that was in Eugene Stoner’s original design. Do not let such a simple part be your downfall, when it comes to our weapon systems we all strive to make sure they are ready to work when we need them to. Other parts and accessories are often over stressed such as magazines, bolts, and stocks; and while they are all very important in their own right at the end of the day the advantages of these parts can only be realized when one can shoot said weapon. Do not take a chance, put some spring back into your method of charging. Carrying a huge selection of charging handles from name brands such as; AXTS Raptor, Fortis, Mega Arms, LMT, and VLTOR, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to this topic.

Choke Tubes

Hunting is no joke, nor is the equipment you need for it. Anyone who has hunted even at a novice level understands the importance of the right tools for the job, whether it’s camouflage, ammo, or your rifle, everything must be in tip top shape if you expect to make the kill. Not to be overlooked especially by the duck hunters out there, is the choke tube. When it comes to a shotgun, the right choke can be the difference between hitting your limit, and coming up empty handed. We have an incredible inventory of choke tubes for sale, that can help you and your gun be as efficient hunters as possible. Like so many topics surrounding firearms, the amount of options can at times be overwhelming, and shotgun choke tubes are no different. However, do not be intimidated by this fact because not only do we carry some of the most premier and specialized chokes, such as the 20 gauge rifled choke tube, we can help you to understand what each choke will allow your weapon to accomplish. There is no doubt that the top of the class when talking about chokes are, Briley, Carlson’s, Chiappa, and Remington, all brands that we here at Omaha Outdoors take pride in being able to offer to you the consumer. With such great new technologies in the choke tube field there is something for everyone when it comes to the subject, almost anyone can benefit from them in some way. We know making the decision to buy choke tubes online is a tough one, but we are confident that you will be more than pleases with our services. Whether you are looking for chokes to give you the most consistent pattern at further distances, or something to give you the tightest spread possible we have got you covered.

Eye and Ear Protection

Let’s face it whether you hunt, shoot completion, or just shoot for good old-fashioned fun, the sport of shooting is like no other in the world. This is the case in almost every aspect of shooting for recreation, and unfortunately applies to danger as well. Accidents are a part of life but it is our duty as responsible shooters to make safety our top concern. With so many brands of earplugs and shooting glasses for sale, there is no excuse not to acquire the most basic of safety tools before shooting. Many people are quick to point out the obvious danger involved in shooting, but do not realize the more subtle but just as real dangers that are present when operating a firearm. One of the most paramount of these dangers is that of hearing loss after shooting. It is a very real threat and happens to many people who do not adequately protect themselves especially when shooting indoors. If you ask yourself, my ears hurt after shooting a gun, you may need to consider a more efficient means of hearing protection. It is incredibly easy to buy hearing protection such as earmuffs online, this is an option that many older shooters did not enjoy. You do not even have to leave your home to acquisition the proper safety equipment such as earmuffs, and safety glasses. When deciding which hearing protection to purchase the major factor that you should make note of is the product’s NRR or noise reduction rating. This rating will allow you to determine if that particular product is suitable for its intended use, in this case shooting a firearm. There are many great choices for the proper safety gear such as 3M/Peltor, Allen, Champion, Surefire, and Howard light. There are two main styles of hearing protection standard or electronic. Standard are what most would consider a traditional earmuff, while electronic earmuffs utilize technology a bit more, and will actually allow the user to set a determined decibel rating to cut out. Peltor hearing protection is a great resource to investigate if you are looking for an electronic type earmuff. You may find that choosing which earmuff best suits you can be determined by the gun range you visit the majority of the time. The aforementioned electronic muffs are great for indoor use as you are able to hear at normal speaking levels that allow you to more efficiently communicate with others, while still cutting out the potentially dangerous sound of gunfire. Another pivotal safety item is that of safety glasses. Much like earmuffs, there are many great brands to choose from, but those seeking a premier brand might check out Oakley shooting glasses. No matter your safety needs, Omaha Outdoors aims to keep you and your family safe.

Gas Blocks and Tubes

With so many different places offering such a wide variety of firearm parts and accessories, how could it be such a task to find AR-15 gas blocks online? It is almost unbelievable that so many sources for firearm parts do not carry such an important item for any rifle, especially with the emergence of multi caliber rifles, which require different gas blocks to efficiently switch to a different caliber. Omaha Outdoors has addressed this lack of care for this pivotal part and offers an all-inclusive selection of gas blocks and is your go to if you are looking to buy AR-10 gas blocks and tubes online. No matter what you are looking for be it low profile gas blocks, or a pistol length gas tube you can find it here. There is much debate surrounding this topic and many opposing views as to what is the best option for a certain type of rife. Some say the carbine length gas system is the way to go, while others maintain that the best all-around option is a mid-length gas tube. As with many firearm parts and accessories it comes down to your individual preference as to what system you feel works best for you. Perhaps you do not want to put anything other than a rifle length gas system in your weapon, that is more than fine with us and we allow you to make that decision by providing you with a wide range of gas blocks to choose from. Yet another heated point of emphasis not only with gas systems, but also with all firearm parts, is that of mil-spec and non mil-spec parts. Many will claim that nothing less than mil spec is acceptable to achieve consistent performance, while many others will assert that just because a certain part is not mil-spec does not mean your weapons effectively will be detrimentally changed. Providing all makes and models of rifle parts for sale Omaha Outdoors is your first and only stop for the best gas system parts no matter which side you tend to lean towards. Broad is not an efficient enough term to describe the inventory we house for just this topic. With top brands in the industry such as Adams Arms, Daniel Defense, Geissele, and JP Enterprises, one stop shopping is more than a possibility with us it is the reality. We spoke earlier about preference so with that in mind maybe the aforementioned brands are not your cup of tea, well good news we also carry; Midwest Industries, Noveske, Seekins, Voodoo, and VLTOR. The range of our inventory when it comes to gas systems speaks for itself we make it so easy to find the parts you want, the question you need to ask yourself is, what took me so long?


One of the most easily customizable and fun parts for any firearm is that of grips. There are tactical, competition, bipod, and even laser grips. Omaha Outdoors is you place to find gun and pistol grips, regardless of the brand or category. Looking for one last part to set off your weapon why not buy a pistol and foregrip for your AR-15 rifle, and get the tactical look and feel that is so desirable these days. Not to leave anyone out for the pistol fans out there we are one of the most diverse sources to buy pistol grips online. With a huge selection of 1911 grips from a wide array of name brand companies such as Wilson Combat it is almost impossible not to find a set that catches your eye. Maybe your favorite gun to shoot is that big revolver but you can’t get all the trigger time you would like to because it just beats you up a little too much. We totally understand that dilemma and offer perhaps the best, and most cost efficient solution for that unfortunate problem, Hogue rubber pistol grips. However, we don’t stop there we house an almost infinite selection of firearm parts for sale, and take pride in our grip selections. Whether you prefer rubber or polymer grips not only to we have them here, we offer some of the premier brands of grips, such as Daniel Defense, Fortis, Tango Down, and Strike Industires. Looking to upgrade your AR’s standard stock or grip, we have just what you need with a great assortment of Magpul brand parts and accessories. Having such a great collection of name brand parts and accessories is just one of the many ways that we at Omaha Outdoors serve our great customers. So come stop by and get a grip on your pistol and rifle parts.


With a great variety of handguards for sale, Omaha Outdoors is yet again your one stop shop destination for the handguards that your rifle has earned. Whether you’re looking to buy a free floating rifle handguard online, or keep things a little more basic with AK-47 and AR-15 quad rails, chances are you’ll find exactly what you need right here. When you shop with us you aren’t just coming to purchase rifle parts online, you’re coming to create the weapon of your dreams. We understand that the modern shooter is not content with out of the box factory parts and accessories. We share your desire to truly customize and achieve the very best performance from your rifle, and a large part of that is handguards. What if you want to put a SilencerCo Saker 762 suppressor inside the handguard of your rifle, this is such a specialized request that some may not even know where to start to accommodate you. However here at Omaha Outdoors we have exactly the right parts to make that dream a reality. Perhaps your new project asks that you install a Midwest Industries handguard on a PAP M85 AK rifle, if this is the case we yet again have precisely the right parts to achieve such a feat. Maybe super customized rifles are not your thing, we have that covered too, for the fundamentalist out there we have a great selection. These basic handguards make a great addition to any rifle and allow the user to upgrade the weapon’s versatility by adding a flashlight or laser. We even carry the newest development in accessories that of the keymod rail. This improved version of weapon attachment is superior to that of the tried and true picatinny rail as it requires less moving parts to securely attach the user’s accessory of choice. Great companies such as, Daniel Defense, Geissele, Fortis, Mega Arms, Magpul, Midwest Industries, and even Noveske make all of these options possible. So if you are searching for a superior selection of gun parts and accessories, look no further because anything you could possibly need is right here.