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Though concealed carry may be the best way to keep yourself safe on the streets, there are some definite issues that shooters can encounter when they go to draw. Many modern concealed carry pistols are simply smaller versions of a full-sized model. As such, they were not designed to be used in a covert capacity. When the user goes to draw them, he or she might find that it is prone to snagging on clothes or simply causing a deadly delay. Hoping to avoid many of these common shortcomings, SCCY offers the CPX model pistol, which is built with concealed carry as the number one concern.

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A Recent Addition to the Industry

Joe Roebuck had over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry when he finally decided to take things into his own hands in 1998. Working with this experience, he developed his now well-known CPX series pistol. In 2003, he founded Skyy Industries, LLC, which was later renamed SCCY Industries, LLC. For the first few years of operation, the company worked from its manufacturing facility in South Daytona, Florida. As the company grew, it realized the need to expand, so it moved to a location in Daytona Beach, Florida that is located just half a mile away from the famous Daytona 500 speedway. Now, they continue to produce the CPX as well as some other components to help ensure your shooting success.

Check Out The CPX-1 Pistol

The foundation of the company, the CPX-1 pistol was designed as a no-nonsense way to ensure you stay safe in the urban jungle. Every aspect of the weapon was precision made and attention was given to cost, ensuring you can get a great value with your handgun. The barrel comes machined from bar stock with 7 lands and grooves to provide precision accuracy. It uses 7075-T6 aluminum also machined from bar stock and heated treated for the receiver. The grip and frame are constructed from Zytel polymer, which helps maintain a lightweight and offer a comfortable hold. To further this end, the grip offers ergonomic finger grooves and features an integrated recoil cushion on the back strap to keep recoil at a minimal.

Just like the rest of the weapon, the mechanics are extremely solid. Its recoil spring system is made from steel and comes fully encapsulated to ensure ease of disassembly and reassembly before and after cleaning. The slide lock is made from steel and uses a Zytel over-mold extension to ensure ease of use. It uses a double action only firing system and has a safety in place to prevent accidental discharge if you drop the weapon. With a 9 lb. trigger pull, it provides a consistently smooth shooting experience that you can trust. Finally, the manual safety is conveniently located to ensure you can easily flip it on or off when you need to.

All of these pistols are made chambered in 9mm and come with 2 double stack 10 round magazines with finger extensions installed for shooting comfort. They also offer a 3-dot sighting system, the rear being completely adjustable for windage. If you have children, you can also use the trigger guard lock, which includes 2 keys and was designed to be child resistant. For a unique experience, you can select the standard black finish or opt for a pink, purple, FDE, or a variety of other two-tone options.

Try A CPX-2 Handgun Instead

Realizing that some shooters still wanted a simpler option, SCCY looked to make a significant change to the CPX. Rather than eliminate the initial model, they released the CPX-2. This features all of the same helpful features, including the precision barrel, 3-dot sights, and smooth trigger pull. The barrel still measures 3.1” long and the weapon still weighs a light 15 ounces. The key difference is that they decided to remove the manual safety entirely. Those comfortable with this configuration are able to get a simpler way to draw and fire in an emergency, not worrying about whether or not they disengaged the safety.

SCCY Holsters for Your New Handgun

Of course, the holster you use can also make a big difference when you are carry concealed. The right holster will not only help you keep the weapon hidden from prying eyes, but it will also help ensure a smooth draw when the situation arises. To ensure you have the best holster for the job, you should consider an SCCY branded holster. Made in collaboration with J4 Tactical, these distinct holsters will carry both the CPX-1 and CPX-2 with no problem. They are precision-molded to ensure reliable retention and offer a Kydex construction for durability and comfort. Get a style to match your weapon finish or simply select the all-black model for a more covert feel.

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