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At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a varied supply of Salient Arms International Firearms in stock. We typically make sure to have Glocks, Benelli shotguns, and AR-15 rifles in stock and ready to ship. If the item you are looking for is not in stock, we may have it on order and coming our way.

This allows us to offer an average wait time 16 to 24 weeks. If we don't have what you want in stock, we can build one to order with 20% down and 80% upon delivery. Turnaround time for these custom firearms is only around 20-24 weeks.

When you buy from Omaha Outdoors, you get the best possible customer service and save yourself a good deal of time.

About Salient Arms International

Though they have only recently started producing firearms, Salient Arms International has already started gaining traction around the word. Starting as a security company in Las Vegas, Nevada, their firearms have been featured in a variety of popular films, such as Transformers and John Wick. Many trainers around the world, such as Chris Costa and Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics use these firearms. With a motto that "Our products perform even better than they look." they always over-deliver on quality construction and performance.

Salient Arms Custom Glocks For Sale

Salient Arms makes custom Glocks in a variety of different tier packages to provide the option that will best fit your shooting needs. The slide of these models is adjusted to lower overall weight and reduce any edges on the weapon. Depending on the package you choose, users can enjoy a variety of changes ranging from new sights to different grips and trigger adjustments.

The most popular customization option is the Glock 19 with flat faced trigger, which can make for a smoother trigger pull and smoother operation in a pinch. Second to this is the Glock 17 with curved trigger, which has a similar effect on performance. At Omaha Outdoors, you can also better decide if the Chris Costa LUDUS for Glock 19 or 17 models might be the right move for you. Or, if you just need a simple change, you can get a Salient Arms Glock slide at just the right price.

You can also read more if you would like to learn about Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 pistols.

Salient Arms Smith and Wessons

Salient Arms International (SAI) also works with Shields, Compact, Standard, and Fullsize M&P pistols. Though these are certainly not as popular as the Glock adjustments, they allow you to make just the right changes to turn your weapon into a real powerhouse. If you want the best performance where it matters, then you might consider ordering one of the Smith and Wessons.

SAI includes plenty of different customization options to ensure you get the absolute best firearm for your money. You may want to look at double under trigger guard cuts or look on deciding whether to choose TiN or DLC coated barrels. If you simply want to upgrade the optics on your firearm, there are plenty of great options available, such as Warren Tactical combat sights or even the Trijicon RMR06 or RMR07 sights. Should you decide you want to go a different route, it is easy to upgrade to a RMR slide cut with tall suppressor night sights. For those who just want to make their firearm more aesthetically pleasing, you can also find options like stippling.

Salient Arms Shotguns

Perhaps instead of a pistol you would like to look at getting a custom-designed shotgun from SAI. They work with Benelli, Remington, and Mossberg models to deliver some of the best performance models around. One of the most popular options is the Benelli M2 shotgun, which people often use in a 3-Gun competition. Each of these shotguns includes a variety of improvements over the stock model to ensure that you can get the best performance for whatever use you have intended.

Salient Arms 1911 / 2011

You can also find the SAI 1911 pistol here at Omaha Outdoors, which offers plenty of options such as whether you want it in 45 ACP, 9mm, 38 Super, Government, Commander, etc. You can choose between bull or bushing barrel and also select single or double stack magazines. You just need patience and we handle the rest.

Salient Arms BLU

If you prefer a different pistol experience, you may consider SAI BLU pistols. These custom in-house pistols designed by SAI come ready to perform with the best. The polymer frames use their tuned Glock triggers and come with a match grade barrel to provide for the most accuracy shot after shot. Buyer can choose a compact frame with a compact or standard slide. If you selection a standard size frame, you can choose between a standard or long slide, leaving you with plenty of customization options.

Salient Arms AR-15 Rifle

Though SAI first came out with their AR-15 rifle using the War Sport's LVOA upper rail, they have since moved away from that affiliation. Since then, they unveiled their latest rifle at SHOT Show 2015. This 2.0 version includes a proprietary muzzle device called the "Jailbreak," which they promise will provide for a much more rewarding shooting experience. On top of the QD muzzle device, Salient Arms made their handguard rail QD as well and it holds zero.

If Salient Arms International doesn't pick up their phone, no worries; we can help! Since we are an authorized and stocking dealer online, we ensure you get the best speed on your order. Build time is around 20-24 weeks, so feel free to contact Omaha Outdoors for a quote; it's better than a price list.

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