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Though firearms tend to receive more attention than other tools, it is important to remember that a professional operator has plenty of other items at his or her disposal. Whether you work routine security or operate only based on the current mission objective, it is important that you always have the right tools and materials to get the job done without issue. Sometimes, this simply means have the proper harness or holster to hold your weapons. Other times, it includes items like less lethal weapons, handcuffs, or other tactical devices. Whatever the case might be, Safariland offers plenty of options to ensure you can get just the right items for the job.

At Omaha Outdoors, we work to ensure you can always stay on mission by providing you with a variety of Safariland components and accessories. Whatever you might need, our goal is to become your number one provider for outdoor goods and tactical accessories. With this as our mission objective, we understand that your satisfaction is important. If you have any questions or find that you cannot locate the item you need, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. We look forward to serving you, and helping you get the right gear for the job at hand.

Providing Professional Tools

Founded in Sierra Madre, California in 1964, Safariland, LLC designs and manufactures a variety of equipment for military, law enforcement, and private security professionals. Though the company only began manufacturing a small amount of holsters, it quickly grew and expanded its offerings into other gear categories. Over the years, the company has gone through some ownership transitions, but as its offerings has expanded it has continued to manufacture only the highest quality parts and materials. Whatever gear you might need, Safariland makes for an excellent choice to consider.

Safariland Holsters for Sale

Since the company started out exclusively offering holsters, it makes sense that they are still known for providing some of the best holsters on the market today. These can be organized into a variety of categories, including duty holsters. Depending on your individual preferences, these holsters are available in a variety of configurations and are offered in a variety of materials. Their signature SafariLaminate is a popular holster material, offering a durable design that allows for low, mid, or high-rise carry with maximum comfort. Alternatively, the SafariSeven nylon blend is also a popular option. Whatever you choose, one of these duty retention holsters will do the trick.

Alternatively, you might look for a concealable holster. Safariland works with some of the most popular concealed configurations. Naturally, this includes options like a shoulder holster system or a paddle holster designed to offer a low profile under a jacket. They also offer some waistband holsters, with suede being one of the most popular materials to provide a comfortable fit while still offering the structure you need to hold the weapon. Whatever you select, these holsters will keep your weapon secure and ensure the finish stays intact.

Gun Cleaning Equipment for Sale

Of course, keeping your guns holstered is just part of the job. When you get home from the range and periodically as preventive maintenance, it is important that you keep your weapon maintained with proper cleaning. To make this easy, Safariland sells a variety of complete cleaning kits. This makes it easy to get the right tools you need to do the job right.

When the kit runs out of oil and other materials, you can also buy the individual components. Their CLP cleaner, lubricant, and protectant products offer you exactly what you need for any firearm that you use. The Powder Blast gun cleaner is the perfect solution to after-range use, ensuring you get rid of any residue that might collect in the weapon. Finally, you can find the cotton pads, a cotton bore mop, and a variety of brushes fit for your caliber of hoice.

Speed Loaders and Other Shooting Accessories

While you are thinking about your guns, you might also pick up a speed loader from Safariland. These speed loaders are injection molded and come with a small knob to aid with concealment. They are offered in Comp I, II, or III, all built for different calibers. Furthermore, these models are offered in different configurations based on the size of your weapon.

In addition to these speed loaders, they also produce a variety of shotgun stocks. Like their other product lines, these stocks can come in a variety of different configurations based on your application. Beyond this, you might pick up some AR-15 parts or accessories as well. Safariland produces sling and sling mounts, scope mounts, magwell grip adapters, and a variety of other accessories designed to ensure the best shooting experience.

Less Lethal Options

Working with Defense Technology, Safariland provides professionals the option to get a variety of OC/CS defense sprays. These are made to be strong and their capsaicinoid percentage is always verified by an independent laboratory to ensure potency. The spray relies on a steady stream to provide a better delivery system and ensure efficacy.

Beyond the chemical sprays, they also make a variety of different chemical grenade options. These include tactical load outs like a smoke grenade green or certain riot control methods. While you are considering riot control, you might also check out some of the less lethal 12 gauge shells or 40mm rounds as well, offering rubber bullets and a variety of other options.

Handcuffs and Batons

To give professionals all the tools they need, Safariland works with Hiatt to deliver a variety of different handcuff options. You can choose chain-style handcuffs or hinge-stlye based on your preference. In either case, you can be sure you are working with a top quality item that was made with professional law enforcement in mind.

Finally, you can also select between a varieties of different batons. Most often, you might want to have an expandable baton on your duty belt. Any of the great options will ensure you get the performance you need in the field and provide you with that perfect non-lethal option.

Other Important Safariland Gear

As you would expect, Safariland also makes a variety of other important gear to ensure you are able to always get the job done right. They offer duty belts to ensure you are able to properly hold all your necessary accessories. For those tactical operations, they provide knee and elbow pads, giving you the protection you need when the situation gets tough. In addition to this, they carry options like magazine pouches, baton holders, handcuff cases, and other items to put on your belt. Finally, they offer other options, including mounting system and trauma kits.

Since Omaha Outdoors is on mission to become your number one provider, we do our best to ensure you are able to find everything you need. Naturally, our customer service team is always here to ensure you are able to get any questions answered you might have. Otherwise, you can use our handy sorting features to sort through the items and find exactly what you are looking for.

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