No matter what the product, there are companies in every manufacturing category that stand out from the crowd. These manufacturers offer a certain level of quality that is recognized and provide that quality at a price people can afford. For car owners, that name is usually Ford, as they offer quality products in all variety of motorized vehicle. Similarly, those looking for basic household items will turn to someone like Proctor and Gamble, which offers some of the best prices and most useful items today. If you want to find a company like that in the firearms industry, you will likely to turn someone like Ruger.

Knowing how important Ruger has been to the firearm industry, Omaha Outdoors set out to ensure we could offer a wide variety of Ruger Arms products for sale. This is why we carry a wide variety of different pistols as well as many of their rifles and keep these items regularly in stock. No matter what you are looking for from Ruger, you can likely find it here. More importantly, our dedicated service team is by the phone ready to answer questions you might have. So, pick up the phone and give us a call; otherwise, enjoy your shopping experience.

Ruger - An American Legacy

Though most people simply know the company as Ruger, the Sturm, Ruger, & Co., Inc. was founded in 1949 in Southport, Connecticut. Since that time, it has quickly grown to become one of the most trusted names in firearms today. In 1969, it went from being a privately owned manufacturer to a publically traded company, giving it more reach in the industry. From their concealed carry pistols to their iconic rifles, they offer some of the most recognizable weapons among seasoned shooters and newcomers alike. With their solid industry reputation, there are few companies that can stand up to the Ruger name.

Latest Ruger Announcements / Releases

The latest development from Ruger is the new 10/22 Takedown Lite. If you are a fan of Ruger, you likely have more than a couple 10/22's already in your collection, but this excellent new platform makes a strong case to get yet another. Based on the original takedown design, this model makes some notable improvements to cut back on the weight and provide a better overall shooting experience. Using a lighter, cold hammer-forged barrel and Ruger's Modular Stock System, you should have no trouble traveling with this innovative new design. Its simple recessed lever can be pushed, the parts twisted, and you have the gun disassembled in no time. These features, along with the special 6061-T6 aluminum barrel sleeve means unwavering performance wherever you go.

Another recent release to come from Ruger is the new Ruger American Pistol. Available in 9mm or .45 ACP, this new model was designed for comfort and performance in mind. It features a slimmer design than most full-sized models but still allows for 17 rounds in the 9mm model and 10 rounds in the .45 ACP. Outfitted with Novak LoMount Carry 3-Dot sights, it complements the dimensions of the weapon and allows for easy carry. It features ambidextrous controls, a recoil-reducing barrel, and is tested to work with P+ ammunition. Take it into the field for tactical missions or carry it with you throughout the day. Whatever the case, its design is ideal for the modern warrior.

If you prefer a rifle instead, you will want to explore the Ruger Precision Rifle, which CEO Mike Fifer announced simply by saying "1,600 Yards. Enough said." This is perhaps the best way, to sum up, the performance of this beautiful bolt-action rifle. Built with modern technology and a no-nonsense bolt action system, it delivers the performance you need. The trigger comes fully adjustable from 2.25 - 5 lbs., providing consistently smooth performance. The lower half is made from 7075-T6 aluminum to provide great durability, and the CNC machined 4140 chrome-moly steel bolt keeps it performing consistently. It features a cold hammer forged hammer, 20 MOA rail, precision stock, and all the other features you need. Though the .243 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor are the most popular models, it also comes available in the larger .308 to fit your needs.

The Legendary and Reliable Ruger LC Pistols

Ruger is known for a variety of high-quality pistols, but among those, they are perhaps most famous for their line of concealed carry options. Among them, the LCP is one of the most commonly carried weapons today, offering a tiny 0.8” wide frame and a 2.75” barrel. It comes chambered in .380 Auto and offers a 6 round magazine capacity, allowing for enough follow-up shots to get the job done right. The frame is constructed from high-performance, glass-filled nylon, giving it a light carry weight and a tough construction that can keep up with you in the urban jungle.

If you want something a little bit larger to fit more comfortably in your hand, you might instead be interested in the LC9. Not only does this model offers an extra 7 round capacity, it comes with a 3.1” barrel to provide a bit more accuracy. The slide is constructed from hardened alloy steel and the frame uses the same high-performance glass-filled nylon as the other models, ensuring a solid construction. Chambered in 9mm, it gives that extra performance you need in the field. Finally, though who prefer the smaller .380 Auto cartridge for concealed carry can opt for the LC380, which comes in the same size as the LC9 but is chambered in the lighter cartridge.

Ruger’s SR Series for Full-Sized Performance

Just because Ruger is well-known for its LC series pistols does not mean it fails to account for larger frames as well. Like their smaller pistols, these SR series handguns provide extraordinary performance in the field. The SR-9 is the 9mm model in this series, offering a 17 round magazine capacity to give you plenty of ammo for home defense. It uses an adjustable 3-dot sighting system and includes a 4.1” barrel for excellent accuracy when you need it.

The SR-40 is chambered instead in .40 S&W, offering an intermediate power full-sized pistol. Like the 9mm model, it comes with an adjustable 3-dot sighting system and uses a glass-filled nylon frame to keep the weight down. With 15 rounds in the magazine, it is sure to performance when you need it. Of course, those who need more power will opt for the SR-45, which is chambered in .45 ACP and features a 10 round magazine. To improve accuracy and control, the weapon offers a 4.5” barrel. It uses the same basic features as the other models, giving you the reliability you need.

Finally, those who want a compact model can instead select either the SR-9c or the SR-40c. These models still offer impressive magazine capacity, but the compact size makes them easier to carry or store around the house.

A Legacy of Bolt Action Rifles

Ruger also offers a variety of bolt action rifles, but perhaps most important among these is the Ruger American Rifle. These rifles come standard with an adjustable marksman trigger, ensuring you can get the pull just right to fit your shooting style. They use a flush-fit rotary magazine that will provide you with a surefire way to keep your weapon cycling properly. The three-lug bolt offers smooth performance at all times. These rifles are all made right here in the USA and offer the reliability people have come to expect from Ruger. Most recently, they have added a left-handed model to the family.

Autoloading Ruger Rifles For Everyone

Of course, no discussion about Ruger would be complete if you forget about the popular Ruger 10/22. For about 50 years now, this classic rifle design has been a favorite among target shooters. Chambered in .22, it offers the reliable performance you need to go varmint hunting or more often to teach your child how to properly handle a rifle. With extraordinary accuracy, and a low price point, and plenty of finish options, it is an excellent addition to your collection.

If you are instead looking for a battle rifle, you might turn to their AR-556 model. This comes chambered in 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem and uses a synthetic collapsible stock to fit any arm length. The standard configuration uses a fixed front sight block and the adjustable Ruger Rapid Deploy rear sight system. The barrel is cold hammer-forged and is made with a 1:8 for exceptional accuracy.

All the Ruger Parts and Accessories You Need

Naturally, when you pick up your next Ruger firearm, you will also want to get the right parts and accessories to ensure your shooting success. Among these, you can pick up new magazines for your rifle or pistol of choice, ensuring you always have enough ammo. Alternatively, you might want a new holster to fit your LC series pistol. Instead, those who picked up a rifle might need to get some mounting accessories to complement their new weapon platform. Whatever the case might be, you can find what you need here at Omaha Outdoors.

Keep in mind, Omaha Outdoors is striving to become the internet’s number one provider for all things firearm related. We can only accomplish this by offering you the best customer service available today and some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. If you have any questions about the items you find, please give us a call. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy your shopping and can get the Ruger you were looking for.

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