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Air guns can be used for a wide variety of applications. From varmint hunting to tactical training and even firearm education for the young shooter, these specialized weapons definitely have a place in the shooting community. Of course, just like you do not purchase just any weapon to carry with you for self-defense, you also do not want to buy just any airgun to use for other purposes. If you want the absolute best, you might consider an option from RWS Umarex. Working with all variety of familiar firearm types, Umarex gives you the variety you need to find the perfect option for your next shooting objective.

At Omaha Outdoors, our number one objective is always service to you, our customer. This is why we work to keep a variety of RWS Umarex products in stock and ready to ship. Whether you are getting yourself a new air pistol or looking to pick up one of their tactical training paintball guns, you should be able to get the tool you need to succeed. Most importantly, our customer service staff is here and ready to answer questions. So, if you need help, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We hope to become your first destination for all shooting-related purchases and that starts right here.

The Umarex History Begins with Expansion

Umarex USA, Inc. started its life as a company after the Umarex group acquired RUAG Ammotec USA, the company responsible for producing the RSW brand of adult airguns. With this acquisition, RWS Umarex put itself in a position to manufacture and distribute some of the most reliable airguns available on the market today. They work to produce air rifles, BB and pellet pistols, performance airgun ammo, accessories, and even tactical training paintball guns. In July, 2010, Umarex moved into a larger facility located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. From there, they continue to produce a variety of high quality airgun products.

Air Rifles

Umarex offers a wide variety of different air rifles for sale, many made after some of the more popular weapons on the market today and other offered with a unique style developed by RWS Umarex themselves. Among the branded options, many users are interested in the Beretta CX4 Storm. Designed to match the look of the real deal, this tactical rifle is outfitted with a 30 round magazine ready to accept standard .177 pellets. With lead pellets loaded, it will fire up to 600 fps. Powered by an 88g CO2 cartridge and ready for semi-auto operation, it will offer you the performance you need.

They also offer a Browning Gold Pellet rifle outfitted with .177 pellets. This model matches the popular rifle on many aspects, including the comfortable 4 lb. trigger pull. It uses a break barrel action and can achieve 490 fps. Alternatively, the Hammerli .177 rifle is another popular option. This includes a crisp 2.5 lb. trigger pull and offers up to 760 fps muzzle velocity to ensure success. If you want higher power, this rifle is also available in .22 pellets, which provides some extra power. Thanks to the 655 fps muzzle velocity, it allows for 8 round capacity with its bolt action design.

When it comes to their own rifles, one of their most iconic designs is the Umarex Steel Storm. This unique option is built to offer a 30 round shot capacity and includes a 300 round reserve. It offers a “full-auto” option that will shoot 6 rounds or comes with the standard semi-auto layout as well. With lead pellets, it will achieve 430 fps. Alternatively, the EBOS is another Umarex original and draws power from CO2 and 6 AA batteries. It will fire 1, 4, or 8 round bursts at 540 fps.

Air Pistols

If you are interested in a classic pistol design, you might look at one of the Smith and Wesson model air pistols. Including models like the 586 or 686 revolvers and the popular M&P pistol, this gives you the ability to train with the weapon of your choice from the comfort of your own back yard. Of course, if you opted for the CX4 Storm rifle, you might be interested instead in the Px4 Storm BB pistol. Like the rifle, it resembles the weapon almost perfectly.

Those looking for a more intimidating pistol design might consider the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. Matching that large and intimidating look, the full sized .177 pellet gun fires at 425 fps and offers a semi-auto action from its 8-round rotary magazine. If that isn’t quite your speed, you might pick up the Uzi pistol. Also built for the .177 pellet, it comes with a 25 shot capacity and will shoot steel BBs at 360 fps. Finally, you might consider a Colt model instead, such as the 1911 A1 or the Python, both which offer authentic looks and great pellet performance.


Of course, if you are looking to get items for your children to train with, you will instead want to consider one of the Airsoft guns available. These come in a variety of different configurations and include the orange tip on the barrel to designate the weapon as an airsoft gun. With rifles and pistols to choose from, you should be able to find exactly what you need for shooting success.


While you are shooting your air guns, you might also want to outfit them with optics to match your favorite options. Umarex offers plenty of different laser sights, red dot sights, and also more simple optical solutions to meet your individual needs.


One of RWS Umarex’s most innovative product ideas, the T4E X50 paintball gun is a great way for users to train for tactical operations. Made to imitate the popular pistol, it comes ready to fire .43 caliber paintballs. It will fire this ammo at 250 fps and can be used for training exercises to help familiarize you with an actual duty weapon. With its authentic weight and blowback action, it gives you the best level of training without the risk.

RWS Accessories

Naturally, shooting airguns means that you need to have all the right accessories on hand as well. Among these, you want to pick up a few extra CO2 tanks to keep on hand for use in your favorite guns. You might also want to grab some of their Gel Airsoft targets to help give you a proper target to practice with. Of course, you can get other items as well, such as additional 1911 grips, weaver style rails for your weapons, or some extra cartridges or magazines to keep your weapons loaded.

Regardless of what you need, Omaha Outdoors is here to make your shopping experience as simple and convenient as possible. This is why we have organized the shop in a no-nonsense way to help you sort through the many options. If you do have any questions about what you see or are having trouble finding the item you need, please feel free to call us directly. Our mission is to become your go-to destination for all firearm-related purchases, and that all starts now.
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