Rossi firearms at Omaha Outdoors are affordable reproductions of classic American rifles as well as new designs which take the shotgun revolver concept into a rifle format. They also offer single shot firearms which can chamber both shotgun and rimfire cartridges thanks to an interchangeable barrel system, single shot rifles for hunters who are confident in their abilities, and revolvers which are similar to those manufactured by the company for many years.

Rossi Firearms For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Rossi rifles for sale include the timeless R92, based on the 1892 Winchester which took part in the taming of the American West. Calibers available include 44 Magnum, 45 Colt, and 357 Magnum / 38 Special +P. While the 44 MAG version is certainly capable of shooting 44 Special ammunition just as the 357 Mag version is capable of shooting 38 Special, we have to say, as a Rossi dealer, the most practical of the lineup is the R92 in 357 Mag as 38 Special ammunition is available almost anywhere. That’s a sensible match for affordable Rossi online prices. Choose 45 Colt if you are looking to shoot a period correct rifle that still packs a fearsome punch.

Capacity is eight rounds in all calibers for the 16-inch barrel version and 10 rounds in all calibers for the 20-inch barrel version. All calibers and lengths are available in either carbon steel or stainless steel, and since your local firearms store probably doesn’t have the one you want in stock, shop online with Omaha Outdoors and get exactly what you want. The 16-inch R92 weighs under 5 pounds, making it an outstanding trail gun or rifle to carry in the backcountry. If you need more of a punch, the Rossi Rio Grande lever action comes in 30-30, .410 Shotshell and 45-70 Government.

Fans of the revolver rifle concept, once a long-forgotten part of American firearm history, as well as owners of the Taurus Judge will find the Circuit Judge interesting. It has the action of a revolver in the format of a rifle capable of shooting 410 gauge shell and 45 Colt.

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