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Gun ownership is practically a part of the culture in American today. Whether you served in the military or law enforcement, or you just have a respect for the American tradition, you understand the importance of a good firearm in the world today. Of course, just because guns are part of the American heritage, not all the best firearms are made in the United States and Rossi is a good example of just how well a foreign weapon system can perform.

At Omaha Outdoors, we appreciate the all-American pastime of shooting but we also respect that there are manufacturers all around the world producing top quality weapons. As such, we keep a wide selection of Rossi products in stock and ready to ship. By keeping a supply on hand, we are able to show you a great assortment and allow you some options while also enabling ourselves to provide some of the fastest shipping times in the industry today. If you are unsure about what you might want or have questions about Rossi in general, please feel free to pick up the phone and call us directly. Otherwise, simply use the features below and enjoy your stay. Thank you for being a part of the Omaha Outdoors family.

Building the Family Business

Back in 1889, when Amadeo Rossi founded his company around the guarantee of excellence, he likely never imagined how much his business could grow. At that time, the company began as one of the smaller manufacturers in Brazil but with tireless effort it continued to grow and gained a global reputation. Over 120 years later, the company is still a family run business and thanks to its tireless commitment to quality craftsmanship, it provides shooters all around the world with reliable weapons at a great price. In 1997, the company made a big leap in the United States when it allowed BrazTech International, L.C. to take over as its exclusive American importer. From its location in Hialeah, Florida, it imports these top quality firearms and allows citizens around the country access to the Rossi brand.

Some of Rossi’s Most Popular Designs

Developing rifles is one of the things Rossi is best known for and many of their most popular designs are based off older styling combined with newer performance features. A notable model is their Rio Grande, which is built in the popular .30-30 Win caliber and operates off a lever action. It comes standard with authentic buckhorn sights and includes a hardwood finish for that beautiful look. For those who want to add a modern optic to the weapon, it includes a top rail over the receiver. Available either blued or in stainless, this excellent rifle combines the classic and modern for great performance.

Another popular model you might want to look at is Rossi’s Ranch Hand, which offers a 12” barrel topped with a gold front bead and rear buckhorn. It offers a few different caliber selections, including .38 SPC / .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, or .45 Colt. Offering all the classic styling and modern design, it is a definite crowd pleaser. While you’re at it, you might check out the Circuit Judge rifle, which takes from one of the most successful revolver designs in history and adds a sure degree of accuracy. Able to take either .45 Colt or .410 gauge shotshells, it features an 18.5” barrel and offers a variety of configuration options, including the classic hardwood stock.

Shoot in Style with a Lever Action Rifle

If you are a fan of this classic styling, you might also consider some of the other Rossi lever actions that are available for sale. The M92 Carbine is a popular model and is offered in .454 Casull, .44-40 Win, .45 Colt, .44 Mag, and .38 SPC / .357 Mag. It comes in either a 20” or 16” barrel configuration and offers the familiar lever action feel and magazine tube. The smaller calibers include a crescent buttplate design and extended front sights while the .454 offers a buttpad for greater recoil control.

Matched Pairs and Sets

One of their more unique product lines, many people find that Matched Pair pistol to be the perfect gun to have around the house. It comes standard in .45 Colt / .410 gauge shotshell, but with the purchase it also includes a .22LR transformation kit, both offering an 11” barrel. This way, you have the versatility of 2 guns from one purchase. Realizing the popularity and versatility of this platform, Rossi also offers this in a variety of different rifle calibers. They have versions that shoot 20 gauge / 44 Mag or .243 Win, .410 gauge / .17 HMR, and more. If you want something really versatile, their Matched Set comes with either .50, .22 LR, and 20 gauge, or .45, .22 LR, and .410 gauge all packed in one.

Single Shot Rifles and Shotguns to Try

Intended primarily for youth training, a single shot rifle or shotgun with a break-open design may not be your idea of fun, but it certainly helps hammer in the foundations of shooting. These familiar youth models are built with the basic features that your child needs to know and offered in a variety of calibers. The shotguns come in .410, 20 gauge, or 12 gauge, while the rifle ranges .44 Mag to .243 Win, and .223 Rem.

Revolvers for Your Everyday Carry Needs

Of course, if you are looking for a general purpose defense weapon or something to carry concealed, you might consider the different revolvers that Rossi has to offer. Likely familiar to those who have shot a Taurus, the design behind these revolvers is actually used in some of Taurus’s most popular models. For concealed carry, you might opt for the 6-shot .357 magnum with a 2” barrel and rubber grips. It provides a matte black finish for a sleek look. Alternatively, their 6” barrel model uses a stainless finish and provides an intimidating look for home defense.

Rossi Accessories to Keep Your Weapon at the Ready

To finish out your online shopping, you should also consider the selection of Rossi accessories available online today. If you need to upgrade the optics on your weapon, you might pick up their scope mount base kit, which will allow you to easily attach what you need. Additionally, you might want to pick up an extra recoil pad to make it easier to handle your new firearm. Their Hammer Extension Kit is also a popular option to consider, as it provides an approved way to extend your hammer.

Whatever your shooting needs might be, Rossi produces a variety of great options and Omaha Outdoors is here to make sure you have access to it. Whether you need to pick up a completely new gun or you are looking to just grab some accessories, you will find that our convenient online marketplace will help you get it done with minimal hassle. So, go ahead and browse at your own leisure and place your order when you have made all your selections. Thanks for choosing Omaha Outdoors and enjoy your new Rossi firearm.

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