RIG universal gun grease at Omaha Outdoors is an ideal preservative and protectant for firearms needing to be stored long-term, especially if you can't always monitor them. It is ideal for rifles, handguns, shotguns, and muzzleloaders and will keep them from rusting and corroding. If you have a bunch of guns in the back of the safe that you never pull out, or need to store a firearm in a secret location for years at a time, RIG grease is what you need.

RIG Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

A lot of people prefer to use oils instead of grease on firearms, and RIG recognizes that with their #2 RIG Gun Oil and Protectant. It is excellent for both lubrication and rust prevention, and it will not harm any of the plastic or rubber on your guns. Plus, it won't gum up, unlike some gun oils on the market.

The RIG online catalog also includes gun cleaning tools like the RIG Rag, the grease applicator made of sheepskin which has been treated with RIG Universal Grease. Keep it in the included bag and pull it out when you need to put a good gun grease on your firearms to protect them from rust.

As a RIG dealer, we also carry the RIG Bore Runner, a field expedient method of cleaning powder fouling from your shotgun in the field composed of a fiber glass rod and a fabric covered cleaning extension. It's something that once you have in your range bag for clays or skeet, you won't want to get rid of. Finally, there is RIG+P stainless steel lube, because even stainless steel firearms need some oil or lubricant to keep them from rusting in extreme conditions. It also helps prevent galling. RIG +P is ideal for modern stainless steel combat pistols as well as classic stainless hunting rifles. If you are a prepper and need to store guns in a hidden location for the apocalypse, RIG gun grease for sale is ideal.

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