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With age, gun makers are often able to expand their product offerings, branching out from where they begin to develop new innovations in other areas. Whereas a company might start just making rifles, they might expand to shotguns and then even to pistols. Similarly, the might just expand their product offerings to include more calibers or more diverse options. Of course, age also brings about experience, which helps them to take new approaches to tried and true methods, ultimately leading to the best innovation. Proud to call itself the oldest gun manufacturer in America, Remington stands at the top of this category, offering some of the highest quality firearms available today.

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In Business for Almost 200 Years

Founded in 1816 as E. Remington and Sons, the Remington Arms Company, LLC has had a profound impact on the history of shooting in the United States. It is the oldest American gun manufacturer and among companies of similar age it is perhaps the largest as well. They have headquarters in Hickory, KY, Ilion, NY, and Madison, NC. Most recently, they expanded their operation in 2007 by adding a new facility in Huntsville, Alabama. With a name that is almost synonymous with guns, this proud American company produces all variety of weapon from long arms like rifles and shotguns to classic 1911-style pistols. If you want quality from an All-American brand, there is no substitute for Remington.

Remington Model Rifles

Remington produces a variety of high quality rifles and going through all of them is impractical. Instead, you can consider a few of their most powerful options. The Model 700 includes a variety of different finishes and offers bolt action performance that you can rely on in the field. Claiming to be the most accurate centerfire rifle available, its receiver is made from a single block of steel and the trigger provides superior control of the weapon. Overall, it is a great hunting tool and has inspired many other rifle designs. With similar design aspects and a shorter overall body, you might also consider the Series 7, which is also impressive built.

Moving away from bolt actions, a hunter might also consider the autoloading Woodmaster 750. Available with a synthetic stock or American walnut, this powerful hunting rifle uses a gas-operated system to provide flawless reloading. It comes with a 22" barrel and uses iron sights to provide an accurate target picture. It features a sleek new design and provides that famous Remington accuracy you would expect.

If you want a AR-style rifle, you can find that in the form of the Model R-15. This AR-inspired design was built for predator hunters and comes with a fluted barrel to reduce weight and improve accuracy. It comes with a standard 5 round magazine but is compatible with most standard AR mags as well.

Rimfire Rifles for Sale

Those looking for a target rifle or a varmint hunter might consider the Model 597. This rifle is perfect for training a new shooter proper rifle handling. It comes with adjustable iron sights and uses a bolt guidance system to ensure smooth operation. The weapon features a simplistic design, making it easy to handle for even less experienced shooters. Including a 10 round box magazine, it allows continuous fun at the range or serves perfectly for those teaching moments.

Remington Shotguns for Sale

Of course, one of the models that Remington is best known for is their Model 870 pump action shotgun. Often hailed as the best 12 gauge available today, this beautiful shotgun comes available in a variety of different barrel configurations. The 870 Express is meant as a no-nonsense hunting model, offering a 26" or 28" vented and ribbed barrel to provide accurate shots in the field. Whether big game hunting or going after fowl, you can be sure it will provide the performance you need.

Alternatively, the Tactical Magpul model uses an 18.5" barrel with an extended choke tube. It includes the SuperCell pad, which reduces felt recoil by over 50%. It comes standard with adjustable XS Ghost Ring Sights to provide a clear sighting solution and offers a cheek riser for more comfortable handling. It also includes a muzzle device to lower felt recoil.

The Selection of Remington Handguns

Remington produces a variety of high quality handguns for civilian use. Their Model 51 pistol features a unique subcompact design that streamlines the handgun frame and provides for an easier draw. It offers a crisp trigger pull to provide consistent accuracy and uses a position grip safety to ensure safe handling. Rated for P+ 9mm ammo, it is ready to perform. If you have a smaller frame, you might instead consider the RM380, which features a simplified design and performance you can trust from a .380 ACP.

Of course, if you want a more classic design, you might instead consider one of their 1911 models. Their 1911 R1 features a no-nonsense design, using double diamond checkered walnut grips and a 5" stainless barrel to provide precision accuracy. It comes in black or stainless and is sure to impress. Alternatively, the Enhanced model offers a smoother operation and an 8 round magazine, ensuring you have that extra round to get the job done right.

Remington Accessories to Choose From

As with any company this size, Remington also produces many of its own accessories, built specifically for their weapons to provide the best user experience. For example, if you use one of their wood stock shotguns, you might pick up the SuperCell. This recoil pad will help improve your shooting comfort in the field and ensure you don't injure yourself using a 12-gauge. You might also pick up a bipod online, which will help you stabilize your weapon while in the field. If gun cleaning is a priority, you might pick up their Law Enforcement Universal 4-Gun Care System, which has everything you need to keep your weapons working at their best. This is just a small array of their accessories, so if you have something specific in mind, use the sorting features to help you find what you need.

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Remington Firearms For Sale

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