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In today's fast paced legislative environment, keeping up with gun laws can be a real challenge, which is why Omaha Outdoors offers CA DOJ approved gun locks. Regal Industrial products at Omaha Outdoors are one great example of the gun lock concept, and they are available in not only the traditional cable lock format but also a handgun trigger lock and hammer locks for revolvers and pistols, plus lever action rifle trigger locks and pump shotgun trigger locks. All Regal Industrial cable locks are CA DOJ approved, and many of their other gun locks are also CA DOJ approved, such as the RTL06 which fits the Remington 1100, 1187, 870, and other shotguns and rifles.

Regal Industrial Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Because you must either acquire a California approved firearm safety device at the time of firearm purchase in California or present proof of purchase of an approved safety device within the previous 30 days, it is handy to pick up a CA DOJ approved handgun trigger lock from Omaha Outdoors at the same time you purchase a California legal firearm, such as a handgun on the CA DOJ approved roster, from Omaha Outdoors. This saves you the hassle of having to acquire one at the last minute or wait on your already delayed firearm purchase.

Your Regal Industrial Sales dealer can also provide you with many of their other products, which include handgun and rifle cases for both traditional scope rifles and modern sporting rifles with detachable magazines like the AR 15 and AK 47. Magazine pouches, range bags, shotgun choke tubes, firearm cleaning kits, and even firearm magazines are part of the Regal Industrial Sales online catalog.

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