Raven Concealment Systems For Sale

Kydex holsters by Raven Concealment Systems, available at Omaha Outdoors, represent years of research and development on what makes the perfect holster for every day carry or duty use. Whether you carry a Glock, Sig Sauer, 1911, or other pistol, rest assured that in-stock RCS holsters will serve your needs for years to come. We are a direct dealer and you won't have to wait for your new Raven Concealment kydex holster.

Raven Concealment Continues to Innovate

Although they essentially invented what we know as the modern kydex holster for concealed carry, RCS is not content to simply sell the same old carry gear they introduced almost a decade ago. Raven's latest project is the Roland Special Phantom Modular kydex holster, so named as it is designed to fit the Roland Special modified Glock 19 favored by Tier 1 military units. While the modifications originated with ATEi in Michigan, other custom shops have turned out similar pistols. The basic design includes a Trijicon RMR mini red dot, tall suppressor sights, a threaded KKM barrel, a Surefire X300 weaponlight, and a KKM compensator.

Needless to say, with all these modifications, a standard holster just isn't going to work – the pistol won't fit. The pistol needs a unique holster, and that holster is the Raven Roland Special. It comes with a variety of attachment methods and straps to allow the end-user total control over the placement and fit of the holster to their body. Even if you don't have all the Roland Special mods, the Roland Special holster works to fit all Glock Phantom Modular LC for Surefire X300 applications, especially useful for plainclothes law enforcement.

A Raven for Every Occasion

No matter what or how you carry, chances are, Raven makes a holster to fit your handgun and your application. The RCS Morrigan IWB holster is specifically designed for people who carry inside the waistband at or behind the “blade” of the hip. Carry in front of the hip, or thinking about appendix carry? There's the Raven Concealment Appendix Carry Rig. Want to switch between outside the waistband and inside the waistband? The original RCS Phantom Modular Holster makes the change a breeze. Looking for something new? The Eidolon holster system not only improves your draw by ensuring the passive retention system doesn't drag on the holster once disengaged, but it also gives you near-infinite adaptability to various carry positions and methods as well as compatibility with different length versions of the same pistol, such as the Glock 26/19/17. Want a holster that doesn't really look like a holster but still conceals well? Try the Vanguard 2 or 3. Want to carry more than just a pistol? Check out the RCS magazine and light carrier.

RCS Isn't Just Holsters Any More

Despite being best known for holsters, Raven Concealment Systems also makes the excellent Freya magwell for Glocks, designed to install easily and without any permanent modifications. Being lightweight and low profile, it serves the shooter well in either competition or concealed carry applications.

The TopStop AR-15 upper receiver cover solves an annoying problem which plagued AR owners for decades: when an upper receiver was detached from the lower and stored in a range bag or concealment bag, the insides of the upper receiver as well as the bolt carrier ended up covered in dust or lint. To add insult to injury, more often than not the bolt carrier and charging handle were halfway out of the receiver when the bag was opened. The TopStop prevents both of these things from happening, easily snaps into and out of place, and is available in several different colors.

We don't know what RCS will come up with next, but one thing is for sure: Raven Concealment products are top quality, well designed, and well constructed. Whatever they introduce, Omaha Outdoors will have in-stock.

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