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PS pepper spray at Omaha Outdoors comes in a variety of configurations including obvious pepper spray dispensers and concealed versions in attractive colors, styled to look like lipstick cases, or are contained within crystal studded containers. They can be coupled with PS stun guns for sale for an effective self-defense solution at contact ranges, especially if you are not willing to carry a firearm, you are unable to carry one due to age or legal requirements, or in the event of other restrictions such as campus regulations which ban firearms. Although such regulations may not be legally binding, they could certainly have an effect on your ability to take classes at the school from an administrative perspective, and pepper spray and stun guns, along with other self defense products, are still very effective when used properly.

Personal Security Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The Personal Security Products online catalog includes a wide variety of stun guns, from traditional looking boxes with electrodes protruding out to fearsome ZAP Blast Knuckles with spiked electrodes and hard corners for striking. As a Personal Security Products dealer, we especially like that the sharp spikes offer, in addition to striking power, the potential for DNA collection to aid authorities in their investigation. They also make a variety of combination stun gun / flashlights which could be ideal for walking home alone at night in the dark, when the greatest threat is tripping over a gap in the sidewalk, but there's still the potential for a violent attack. The elderly and disabled still capable of walking with assistance might find the Zap Cane to be useful with its built in flashlight and one million volt stun gun which can shock up to 500 times on a single charge and is adjustable in length to accommodate those of varying heights. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and comes with a built-in charger.

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