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Some operators look to accomplish their tasks with brute force, believing that bigger is better. These individuals might hold onto more traditional weapon designs, looking to keep an old 1911 for all times and an original military-style AR rifle. Others believe that technology is the way to ultimate success and tactical superiority. Regardless of which side you are on, Primary Weapons Systems has definitely made a case for the latter, showing that new technology makes for reliable and powerful weapon designs.

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry all variety of Primary Weapons Systems products. From the Primary Weapons Systems DI rifles, gas piston rifles, and down to the accessories, we make it easy to find exactly what you need in one convenient marketplace. So browse through the selection and make your pick. If you don't see what you need, please contact us directly. Our goal is to be your number one provider for PWS products and that starts by offering our best in customer service.

About Primary Weapons Systems

Located in Boise, Idaho, PWS is a federally licensed firearms manufacturer that works to stay on the cutting edge with the latest shooting technologies. From their high-performance rifles to accessories that you might use to improve the performance of your other weapons, they work to combine beautiful aesthetics with reliable performance. Their motto is "Strength through evolution," and their weapons all deliver in this promise.

Gas Piston / DI PWS Rifles For Sale

The MK1 series of rifles is Primary Weapons Systems most recognizable option. It features a long-stroke gas piston system instead of the traditional direct impingement design. The idea is that this offers a smoother cycling rate in the field and helps to avoid jamming. It also includes an enhanced bolt carrier group and a match grade barrel to ensure you have the best performance experience when it really matters.

The barrel length on these rifles ranges from 7.75" to 18" and owners can choose between 5.56 and 300 BLK ammunition for their rifle. Regardless of which you pick, they usually come with a muzzle device to enhance performance and feature a quality construction that will really last. Shooters can also opt for pistol designs, which feature the Sig Sauer arm brace to allow for one-handed shooting in a pinch.

For those who want more power, the MK2 series from Primary Weapons Systems features the same long-stroke piston system but is chambered to take the heavier .308 round. Ranging from a 12.75" barrel to a 20" option, these firearms come ready to perform. The longest of these has been shown to have lethal accuracy out to 800 meters, making it an exceptional combat rifle.

The Modern Muskets DI rifles is another alternative, offering a more traditional take on the AR-15 design. Though it features the same quality parts, such as the enhanced buffer tube to prevent carrier tilt, this design relies on a direct impingement system. It features an enhanced design to still provide for smooth cycling and offers a variety of great muzzle devices to ensure accurate and reliable performance. And of course, each of these comes with a match grade barrel.

The MK3 was made with something a bit different in mind. Created for the precision shooters out there, this offers shooters an option of either the .308 or the .300 WM round. In either situation, these guns were built with the long shot in mind and feature a custom designed action to ensure smooth firing with every shot.

Finally, the T3 line rounds out the rifle offerings. This was designed as a modular replacement to the popular 10/22 platform and allows for precision accuracy from a 22 LR. Any of these parts of fully interchangeable with the standard 22 design but all of the parts are made to provide for match grade performance.


If you are more interested in handgun performance, then you might check out the PWS enhanced duty slides. Made for the Glock 17 or 19 models, these slides can be used to immediately replace the factory option. Simply remove the slide, strip out the barrel and spring and then place these parts in the new slide. Once done, put the new slide on your original frame. In a mere seconds, your Glock is ready to offer enhanced performance.

These slides were designed from 17-4 Stainless Steel and coated with Diamond-like carbon (DLC) for extra surface hardness and corrosion resistance. These provide for a crisp 4 pound trigger pull and ensure that you get the performance you really need in the field.

PWS Parts & Accessories

Rather than simply buy a complete rifle, Omaha Outdoors also makes it easy to find the individual parts you might need. Primary Weapons Systems is known for producing quality muzzle devices, which is why we keep a variety in stock. From their triad options to their FSC brakes, you can find what you need at just the right price. Looking to get a new barrel for your rifle or replace the bolt carrier of another weapon? You can find that here as well.

Of course, we also offer uppers for sale as well. Whether you buy one of their gas piston uppers to build your own rifle or a DI upper for a more traditional design, you can find what you need. From there, you can also buy a lower if you want or just use your existing Mil-Spec lower to complete the build. The options are really up to your creativity.

In addition to carrying these, Omaha Outdoors also makes sure that you are able to find the other accessories that you might need. This includes popular options like the PWS SCAR Rail, which was designed specifically to fit your SCAR and allow for easy installation of accessories. They also offer KeyMod accessories to fit with any of the rail systems used by PWS. If this isn't what you are looking for, you might appreciate the variety of other important tools, such as gun cleaning supplies.

Whether you are looking to get one of their powerful rifles or simply hoping to pick up some new accessories, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to find everything you might need from Primary Weapons Systems. We also work to provide you with the best service available online and the fastest shipping times, which is why we encourage you to call with any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the rifle you deserve.

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