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With so many different firearm manufacturers on the market today, it can sometimes be overwhelming for a new shooter to get his first weapon. Naturally, he looks to find something affordable, but he also has to keep quality in mind. Furthermore, he wants something simple enough that he can easily use it right out of the box. Whether you are a new shooter or an experienced marksman, this desire to have a simplistic pistol often comes out when you are looking for a reliable carry weapon. When you consider simple design, low cost, and reliable construction, Phoenix Arms should definitely be on your short list.

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Phoenix Arms Rising from the Ashes

True to its name, Phoenix Arms was established in 1992 after its predecessor, Raven Arms, burned down in 1991. Keeping many of the same personnel with this new company, they looked forward to starting anew with high quality manufacturing procedures that would help them continue building semi-auto pistols. The company is based out of Ontario, California, where it builds a few of the original Raven Arms pistols as well as some new Phoenix original designs. The company approaches guns with the belief that they should be as simple as possible, producing easy-to-use designs that appeal to a variety of shooters around the country.


Chambered in .22LR, the HP22A is designed for target practice above anything else, but can function as a concealed carry pistol if you need a small-framed option with little recoil. It operates off a 3” barrel and is made using Zamak, a special zinc alloy. The handgun comes standard with slide serrations and trigger serrations to ensure you can always get the best grip on the weapon during use. Featuring adjustable rear sights, it helps ensure safe operation through the use of an external hammer and firing pin safety block. Overall, the weapon weighs just 20 ounces, keeping it light enough for any carry situation. The gun can be finished in satin nickel or matte black. It comes with an offset 10 round magazine


Another single action pistol, this little .25 ACP comes with a standard 9 round magazine. It maintains the lightweight construction of the 22 model, offering a viable alternative to concealed carry for those female shooters or people who have an otherwise small frame. The weapon offers a vented 3” barrel and a compact body to ensure it is comfortable in the hands. Like the smaller model, it is available in either a satin nickel or matte black finish.

Purchase a Full Range Kit

If you want to get the pistol with all the accessories you need all at once, you might consider also purchases a full range kit. At this time, they only offer this option for the HP22A pistol, but it can definitely give you the value you are looking for. The standard range kit comes with the HP22 pistol with a 5” ribbed barrel, which is intended for use at the range.

This pistol comes packed in a custom fit transport box. Beyond just including the pistol, this kit offers a full cleaning kit, gun oil, and an integrated locking device to keep the weapon even more secure. This comes available in satin nickel or matte black finishes.

Of course, if you truly want everything you need, you will opt for the Deluxe Range Kit. This includes everything from the standard model, but instead of the 5” barrel is comes with the regular 3” barrel configuration. To help you prepare for concealed carry or target practice, it also comes with the 5” barrel, allowing you to switch based on your situation.

Phoenix Arms Accessories

Of course, Phoenix also sells individual accessories designed to accompany their HP series pistols. Keeping security in mind, they offer the individual security lock to place in the magazine well. If storage is something you are unsure of, you should consider an HP Locking Gun Transport Case, which can be keyed to also fit the magazine well lock. Naturally, you might also want to pick up some more magazines or some extended magazines for better grip surfaces. For carry options, you can pick up a quality nylon holster that is meant to accommodate your pistol of choice. Finally, you should grab an HP cleaning kit, which comes with all the tools you need to keep your weapon working properly.

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