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When it comes to eye and ear protection as well as other shooting gear, 3M is a name everyone knows, and for good reason. 3M has been making the highest quality products in nearly every category for what feels like thousands of years. In fact, we're pretty sure George Washington crossed the Delaware wearing a 3M reflective belt so the Continental Army could see where he was going.

3M / Peltor Eye and Hearing Protection For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

In the bad old days, no one wore ear protection, and everyone carried around one of those weird horns to help them hear stuff by the time they were 35. Those days are long gone, thankfully, as we all recognize that there's nothing to be gained by not wearing ear protection when shooting, and something very important to be lost - your hearing. Peltor hearing protection is one of the best ways to make sure you don't have tinnitus by the end of the range trip. But what if you want to hear what others are saying while you're at the range? Peltor Tactical 6S electronic earmuffs are exactly what you need. They muffle loud noises like gunfire and amplify speech and other soft noises. That way you can hear what the instructor at your next training course is saying. For a more low-cost type of hearing protection, check out the full line of Peltor ear defenders. We're especially into 3M ear plugs in bulk so you can make sure everyone you take to the range has ear pro.

Protect Your Balls (Eyeballs, That Is)

The difference between going home a little shaken up and going to the hospital with an eyeball hanging out of its socket is the quality of your eye protection. While safety glasses meant for eye protection in industrial settings are certified to the ANSI Z87 standard for higher mass, low velocity impacts, 3M goes a step further with their tactical eyewear line by certifying it to the military High Velocity Impact MIL-PRF 32432(GL) standard which is much more in line with the high velocity shards and shrapnel one is likely to encounter when shooting steel targets or when bullets hitting rocks is a possibility - but you should wear eye pro at all times when shooting, because catastrophic failures of the firearm can result in catastrophic damage to your vision if you're not prudent. Shooting supplies are one of the last things people think about when going to the range, with guns and ammo being at the top of the list, but you should never go without proper eye and ear protection. Losing an eye? Not even once.



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