Pearce Grip

Pearce Grip extensions at Omaha Outdoors have long been used by shooters in search of a few more rounds in their carry gun without having to use magazines which will obviously print under normal clothing. They also offer, for those happy with the stock capacity, a grip extension which only adds a pinky extension for extra control over the pistol without increasing capacity.

Pearce Grip Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Pearce grips for sale have long been used by shooters who needed rubber or wood grips for a 1911 pistol, or the addition of rubber finger grooves, and these products are still available for a quick and easy improvement to the grip of your pistol without needing a gunsmith or extensive modifications. With the advent of compact carry guns, some shooters find that they wish they had just a little more capacity, and others feel the pistol is just a little bit too small for them to properly control it in all situations. As a Pearce grip online dealer, we are happy to offer plus one and plus two grip extensions in addition to plus zero pinky extensions for many pistols, including their most popular models like the Glock Gen 1 through 4, Smith and Wesson M&P shield, Springfield Armory XD / XDM, and more available from your Pearce Grip online dealer.

Owners of pocket pistols like the KelTec P3AT and other small carry guns such as the Glock 43 lament the fact that they have plenty of extra hand left over after they have wrapped their fingers around the pistol. A Pearce grip extension is the solution to this problem as it gives you enough room to properly hold the pistol with an additional finger without adding length at the rear of the pistol where extra length would cause "printing" when carried under a shirt. If you want bang for your buck, the best Pearce Grip prices can be found on multi packs of these pinky extensions.

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