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The Ohio Ordnance M1918 BAR at Omaha Outdoors is a faithful semi auto reproduction of the rifle American soldiers and Marines carried in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, a rifle which single-handedly created a category of firearm that is still used in combat today. If you want to experience the same feeling of exhilaration a young paratrooper felt when he picked up his BAR in 1944, built with a combination of new manufacturer and genuine USGI parts from World War One and World War Two, you need the Ohio Ordnance Works 1918A3-SLR BAR.

Ohio Ordnance Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The Ohio Ordnance Works online catalog also includes more contemporary firearms. If you want to pick up the grandson of the BAR, a rifle based on the medium machine gun used by American troops fighting overseas in the Global War on Terror, check out the OOW M240-SLR. This is a belt fed semi-automatic rifle based on the M240 machine gun used by the U.S. military and foreign militaries, but it fires from a closed bolt and it is completely legal anywhere you can own an AR 15. Link together your ammo and fire up to 400 rounds per minute in a controlled, semi auto fashion. Perhaps best of all, it's built in the same facility that overhauls machine guns for the American military.

As an Ohio Ordnance Works dealer, we can offer their full line of products on our online rifle store, including the proprietary OOW HCAR, or Heavy Counter Assault Rifle, the newest of all Ohio Ordnance rifles for sale. This is a beast of a rifle, chambered in 30-06 but offering the capacity and interchangeable magazine flexibility of modern battle rifles. Weight is approximately 12 pounds, but given the power of the 30-06, you probably won't mind a little extra heft to soak up recoil. Picatinny rails on the receiver and forend allow for mounting of optics and accessories and a 5/8x24 muzzle thread allows for mounting of muzzle brakes or sound suppressors.

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