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Though many shooters today seek out the most powerful pistols to carry, it is important to remember that sometimes concealment is the most important factor. In those situations, it is essential that you have a good pocket pistol at the ready. No matter where you are, these tiny pistols will help keep you safe in the urban jungle, all without weighing you down or showing anyone what you are carrying. When it comes to quality pocket guns, North American Arms has been working for decades to supply some of the best.

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Built On the Pocket Pistol

Originally named Rocky Mountain Arms (NAA) when it was founded in 1972, this unique company is proud to call Provo, Utah its home. During its initial years, it launched with a few pocket pistol models, working to provide shooters a great backup weapon that they could easily hide. In 1974, it was bought by new ownership and at this point it was renamed North American Arms. Under the new ownership, the vision of the company remained the same, focusing on high quality pocket pistols that people could carry as an effective backup weapon. Originally, they stuck to mini-revolvers chambered in .22, but in 1997 them branched out and started to produce semi-auto pistols as well.

The Sidewinder and Other .22 Revolvers

Since they started by making .22 revolvers, North American Arms still excels for the high quality designs and reliable constructions. The Sidewinder is one of their popular models. It comes available in .22 Magnum and offers a 5 shot cylinder to give you the capacity you need. Overall, the weapon measures 5” long and falls just shy of 3” tall. With an unbelievably light 6.7 ounce weight, you won’t even notice the weight of this little pocket pistol. If you decide you want to put this on display or use it for target practice, you might also be interested in the 4” extended barrel option.

Of course, the Sidewinder isn’t the only option available. If you want something even smaller, you might want to check out the Pugs series, which uses a 1” barrel and achieves a 6.4 ounce carry weight. It offers a white dot sight to allow for quick aiming and comes chambered in .22 Magnum.

If instead you want something a bit bigger, you might like the Black Widow series. This model offers an option that will fire both .22 LR and .22 Magnum rounds, which is perfect for those who want some target practice with their pocket pistol. Naturally, it is a bit heavier than the others, but still worth carrying, as it measures less than 6” overall and weighs 8.9 ounces.

For those who don’t care about concealment, the 4” barreled Mini-Master is another great option. It still maintains a light weight of only 10.8 ounces and comes chambered in either .22 LR or .22 Magnum, or both.

Guardians Semi-Auto Pistols

Branching into the world of semi-auto pistols, NAA started with the release of the Guardians pistol. Like their other offerings, this tiny pistol was meant to provide reliable performance with minimal size and weight. Depending on your applications and individual preferences, you can select between a .25, .32 ACP, .32 NAA, or .380 ACP model. All of these models feature a durable steel frame construction and include ergonomic grips to provide the best shooting experience. They offer rear slide serrations and a smooth double action trigger pull to provide accurate and reliable shots.

The .25 and .32 ACP feature the same basic dimensions. They offer shooters a 2 and 3/16” barrel with a 4 and 3/8” length and 3 and 3/8” height. Weighing in at only 14 ounces and delivers 6 rounds of ammo in each magazine, they provide a great option for those looking for a no-nonsense pocket pistol. The other two models differ slightly.

The .380 ACP comes into the family with a 2 ½” barrel and a 4 & 13/16” overall length. Thanks to its 3 & 11/16” height and 18.4 ounce weight, it is still small and light enough to easily conceal. With the same dimensions, the .32 NAA completes the family. This special cartridge is built offer the .380 ACP case but offers a small 32 bullet, resulting in superior ballistics and providing a great alternative for the pocket pistol.

Limited Collector Models

To appeal to the collectors out there, North American Arms also offers a variety of limited edition items, giving their customers some unique options. Some might consider a factory Guardians pistol with a Crimson Trace grips. Others might look at one of their popular revolvers with a western style checkered grips. Of course, their most popular editions are often in conjunction with Talo. This includes collector editions like their Snake Eyes Poker set, which actually comes with a deck of cards, chips, two dice, and the case, including a spot for your pocket revolver.

North American Arms Accessories

As you would expect with any firearms manufacturer, North American Arms also offers a variety of accessories for sale to ensure you can find what you need. Though these pistols were made to fit in the pocket, most shooters prefer not to drop a loaded weapon straight in without having any sort of holster. With this in mind, NAA offers a variety of different holsters to fit their weapons and allow for covert carry. These holsters range from modern nylon holsters to more comfortable and stylish leather ones that give a more substantial feel. Also, you might consider some different grips for your pocket pistol, and the options offered by North American Arms are sure to have something you need.

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