Nikon hunting optics at Omaha Outdoors are found in the PROSTAFF and MONARCH lines for centerfire rifles, Inline series of muzzleloader scopes, Force handgun scopes, Active Target varmint scopes, and SlugHunter shotgun scopes. If that sounds like a lot of scopes, that's because it is. Nikon is deeply invested in the shooting optics market and they're committed to hunters, sport shooters, and range Jedi alike. We're proud to be a Nikon scopes dealer.

Nikon Optics For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Nikon is best known for their excellent cameras, but you may not know that they also make excellent riflescopes for hunting and target shooting as well. Recently they have even expanded into the tactical riflescope market with a line of scopes with 30mm tubes and zero-reset turrets with ballistic reticles matched to specific cartridges and loads. Nikon can also supply you with binoculars, spotting scopes, and laser rangefinders – everything you need to smack the steel or bring home the meat.

If the Nikon PROSTAFF scopes for sale don't meet your needs, the Nikon MONARCH series starts with some seriously affordable scopes that still offer excellent optical clarity and durability. Their 1-4x20 and 2-8x32 scopes are ideal for hog hunting or brush guns used up close, while the 2.5-10x42, 3-12x42, and 4-16x42 scopes will be right at home on a deer or elk rifle used out to medium or even some long-range shots. The 5-20x44 and 6-24x50 monsters can be put to use on magnum rifles for taking game across a valley or on precision rifles used to ring steel from half a mile or more. Larger objective lenses, such as 50mm and 56mm objective scopes, and 30mm single piece main body tubes on some MONARCH scopes will make a big difference in terms of light gathering, so if you're going to be hunting in low light, consider one of these models. If you like single focal plane scopes for range estimation on the fly, they're here as well. Looking for a Nikon price list online? We have the full line of Nikon field scopes / spotting scopes, binoculars, and laser rangefinders from Nikon.

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